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Good Luck Dee Gordon

Good luck Dee Gordon!  I will miss you with the Dodgers.  I will miss seeing you running the bases, your defense and hitting.   I will miss your smiling face, seeing you in San Diego.

I will never forget the time I saw you in the lobby of the hotel and told you “Dee!  I am so happy for you today!  You did great!”  You hugged me and said “Thank you ma’man!”   Your mom raised you well.  I will miss you kid!   The last time I spoke with you I said “I can’t call you skinny Dee any more”  You showed me your arm muscles then.   Thank you for the memories.  I wish you the best with the Marlins.

Gordon is coming off an All-Star year in which he stole 64 bases and hit 12 triples

In the trade:  Dee Gordon and Dan Haren to the Marlins for Andrew Heaney, Kike Hernandez, Chris Hatcher and Austin Barnes.   Didn’t Haren say that he would retire if he was not a Dodger?

Dodgers seeing Snakes. Kemp and Vin Scully Videos!

Dodgers seeing Snakes.  

A good matchup with Clayton Kershaw and Dan Haran turned the Snake way.   Kershaw was  so wild  in the 2nd inning with a 35-pitch four-run inning that included three walks, two wild pitches and three hits including one an RBI single by pitcher Dan Haren. He did struck out nine in 4 1/3 innings.  

HBP:  Reynolds got hit by Bellisario. Ethier got hit by Haran.  Both clubs were warned. 

Torre:  Why is Kemp hitting 7th??.   If you had Kemp and Manny back to back we could have had more runs.   Why is Russell hitting 2nd??   You just got to bat Russell and Loney lower.  

Donny:   Are you working with these guys (Russ and Loney)?   These two need to step it up and start hitting!  

Manny got 2 singles and a double while Matt Kemp got a HR and a double!  Way to go boys!  Speaking of Matt Kemp, here is a picture I spotted at Union Station:  


aug 09 Kemp this is my town.jpg

 Check out Lil Matt cool video:


Check out Vin Scully in this vintage commercial in the 60’s in the popular show back then of Bewitched