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Ten reasons other than Manny’s return why Dodgers fan flooded Petco Park for the 4th of July weekend

Some people are under the impression that the ONLY reason why we Dodger fans were at Petco Park is because of Manny so I decided to compose ten other reasons:  

10.   It was the 4th of July Holiday weekend!   What better way to spend the weekend than watching your favorite team play  

9.  Is only a nice 2 hour drive from LA to San Diego and about 2 1/2 hours scenery ride on Amtrak.

8.  Without going to San Diego, It would have been 14 days without seeing our team play in person.  We need our Dodger baseball  fix!!!!

7.  It was one of the Dodgers For Life Road trip events scheduled by the Dodgers at the beginning of the season. 

6.  It was my friend Linda 7th annual road trip get together that she organized with Dodgers fans from Dodgers.com.  About 50 Dodger fans attended.  

5.  There are Dodger fans everywhere including San Diego and also the short trip across the border. 

4.  Those that planned early found the Padres had nice package priced reasonable to attend all three games.   Stubhubs also had good ticket locations at reasonable prices if purchased early. 

3.  It was the only weekend the Dodgers were scheduled to play at Petco.  

2. Lots of Dodger fans ALWAYS go to Petco Park when the Dodgers play there.

and the number one reason!

1.  The team is in first place with the best record in baseball!!!!! 

 Go Dodgers!