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Dodger Series against the Astros. Stitch and Pitch anyone?

Is there a more unlucky pitcher than Randy Wolf, I don’t know him.  He is our Derek Lowe this year.  D.Lowe was another guy that when he started he did not get any run support.  Why is it that the hitters consistently score more runs for some pitchers than some others?  Ok, sometimes it is the opposing pitcher but with Randy is getting r-i-di-c-u-l-o-u-s.   Randy took the loss in the first game 3-0 to Wandy Rodriguez.  

Friday night matchup:  Oswald against Billingsley.  Ouch!  Billz had his worst start, Oswald is very good and giving him 4 runs in the first inning, we knew we were in for a looong night.  Luckly, it was also Stich and Pitch day so I sat in that section and worked on my project while my team was being pounded.    Anyone here attended a Stitch and Pitch at their stadium?   Here is their website with the schedule of upcoming event at a stadium near you. http://www.stitchnpitch.com/  I see The Padres and Pirates Stitch and Pitch is tomorrow.  

 Here is a picture of the bag that we got and the hat.  You can also look at the hat that I was working on.   Still need some finishing touches.  


june july 09 005.jpg.

On the front of the bag it says “Stitch and Pitch” with their logo and on another side is the Dodgers Log.  Lot of pockets all around.   


I can only crochet so I was working on that hat in the picture.  Lots of women knitting and I saw a guy working on a project also. 

Tonight’s matchup:  our kid Kershaw against Mike Hampton.     We are putting our recond on the line that we have not lost 3 in a row.  For good luck I am adding this picture I took where I lid a candle for our hitters and tonight’s pitcher.  I do that every once in a while to get them off whatever bad funk they get in.   I added a baseball signed by players of the 70’s when we were known as The Big Wrecking Crew.  

june july 09 007.jpg.

I added Tommy Davis because of his back to back batting titles.  Kershaw is in the magazine on the left smiling and on the right in the Dodgers.com commercial 


Happy birthday Joe Torre!   He turns 69 today!  C’mon guys make it a birthday win!!!

Update:  I would like to make a couple of more hats and donate them to Dodger fans that are battling cancer.   Not sure how to to go about donating them though..