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Going for Sweep Day at the Bay. WIN Baseball Clinic pictures

Dodgers won the first two games at the Bay!!   Kuroda won Monday, Wolf finally got another win on Tuesday with a three hitter and now Weaver in to fill in for Chad Billingsley against tim Lincecum.   Good luck Shaggy!

I am working on this thread and listening to the game on getaway day!  

WIN pictures:  

WIN Scott Elbert.jpg

Here is LF pitching prospect Scott Elbert.  To the right is Tommy Lasorda who always attends the WIN baseball clinics.  Dr. Steinberg to the left and the two ladies in white in the back played in the All American Girls Baseball Professional league.  the one between Dr. Steinberg and Scott is May Belle Blair.  She was played by Madonna in the movie “A League of their Own.

WIN Scott Elbert Catching

Scott Elbert catching during the WIN baseball clinic.  He was so excited that he was going to get his first major league start the following day but because he pitched the night before in the 15 inning game, he was sent back to Triple-A and Eric Stults was called back.

WIN Jim Campanis

Jim Campanis let me wear his World Series ring.  You can’t see it too well, but I have it on!

WIn Loney 1.jpg

James Loney! 

WIN Loney Hudson Loretta Torre .jpg

Orlando Hudson and Mark Loretta are having fun at James expense talking about about a prank played on him.

The person behind the prank played on James Loney:

IIt all started when a fan asking if there was a prank they could share with us.  Hudson mentioned it first and Torre and Loretta laughed.  James was quiet.  Well, On July 31st, while the guys were practicing, Don walked to James Loney and told him Joe Torre wanted to see him in his office.   O’Dog gave the mike to James to continue the story.    Seeing as how it was the day of the day of the trade deadline, James said “I told you guys I wouldn’t make it”   BUT O’Dog took the mike back as he told him “That is not how you reacted!”  and O’Dog procedeed to give us a demonstration.  It wa funny.  you had to be there.  

Joe Torre said he told James “I want you to know I had nothing to do with this.”   Joe seems like he has a nice rapport with his players.    

Back to the game…There was a bench clearing.. Lincecum was working on a no-hitter thru 3 innings, then a shutout.  El Guapo Andre Ethier broke the no-no and he tied the game!   9th inning is tied 2-2 going to extra innings