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Halloween Day, Debut of Dodger Talk, Birthdays, Births, Awards and SABR Meeting

The Jints had their World Series parade today on Halloween Day, an appropriate day for them with their colors.  Congrats.  Hopefully next year the Dodgers will be celebrating.

Today Wednesday  is also the debut of Dodger Talk on AM570 with Jorge Jarrin.  The show will air from 7 PM to 8 PM.  Adrian Gonzalez will be a guest.  Buena suerte Jorge!

Also today is Javy Guerra’s birthday.  Javy turns 27.   Do you remember when he dressed as a taco last year for rookie Hazing?  If not, ehre is a picture as a reminder.  Love the guys showing some legs!

That was a fun day in San Diego watching the guys get on the bus with their outfits.

There was a co-worker dressed as a taco today that reminded me of Javy’s outfit last year.    I dressed as Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.   There were a group at work dressed as Obama and Romney.  There was another dressed as Clinton and there was Hillary Clinton too.

I was going to post two more pictures but the system is being difficult.   I know is NOT this user.

Congratulations are in order. 

I know I am late but congratulations  to Clayton Kershaw on winning the Roberto Clemente Award!  Well deserve kid!  The last time the Dodgers had a current player win the Roberto Clemente award was in 1981 when Steve Garvey won it.

Also congratulations to AJ Ellis and his wife Cindy on their third child.  Cindy gave birth in the car on their way to the hospital.   What a woman!   Since I am talking about births, congratulations to my friend Nora who gave birth to her first baby. She and Sax named her Pele June.  I already bought her a Dodger outfitt.  It is blue but is OK, the baby can wear blue too!

SABR meeting this Saturday November 1st. 

Saturday is our next SABR meeting here in Los Angeles.   Here is the information:

Allan Roth Chapter meeting (Los Angeles, CA)

The Allan Roth Chapter will hold its next meeting on Saturday, November 3, 2012, at the LA84  Library, 2141 West Adams Blvd. in Los Angeles, California.  Meeting time: 10 AM.

Tim  Leary, major league pitcher, is expected. Dr. Richard Santillan will  discuss his books on Mexican-American baseball in Los Angeles and the  Inland Empire.

Show & Tell: Bring your baseball artifacts, folkart, and chatzkes.  We all have baseball-themed items. The more unusual, the better. If you would like to present your research, please contact Barry Mednick.

To sign up for e-mail announcements from the Allan Roth Chapter, please click here.

I am looking forward to seeing Ricahrd Santillan again.   Hope he has his latest book with him so that I can buy it.  I don’t have any artifacts to take to the meeting but I am curious to see what other members take.

Dodgers Booster Club, Annual Blood Drive and Dodgers Road Trip

Dodgers Booster Club and the Annual Blood Drive

I went to the Dodgers Booster club last night. I try to attend their monthly meetings but sometimes it interferes with a game at the stadium.

A rep from The Red Cross was there to talk about the annual Blood drive in June where the Dodgers and Angels Booster Club team up to collect blood.

The Blood drive will be Saturday June 19. For those participating, you will get a t-shirt and a voucher for two tickets to your choice of team. Donate blood and Think Blue!

Unfortunately I will not participate as I will be in Boston for the Dodgers/Red Sox games but today we had our blood drive at work.

Another thing that went on at the Booster club meeting, in addition to the raffle of wonderful gifts like a Dodger gnome (I wanted that!), Dodger t-shirts and other Dodger merchandise was a chance to be on the field June 4th for the 1st Pitch. First name picked from the raffle got a choice of being the Pitcher, Catcher, Manager or Umpire. My raffle number was not called but it did get called to be one of the alternates, should someone not be able to make it.


Dodgers on The Road

In the meantime, my Bums are in Arizona for a three-game series. They won the first game. After a day off on Thursday, they will go to San Diego. I will be there for Saturday and Sunday’s game. I will be part of a group of 60. The Dodger Booster club also is having another group there of about 150. Lots and lots of Dodger fans make the short trip to San Diego, especially if the Dodgers play there on a weekend.

Saturday the Padres are giving out “Beat LA” t-shirts. Last year it was “Beat LA” towels. Look for Dodger fans to “alter” the wording.

Go Dodgers!

And since Sue of  http://rrrt.mlblogs.com/ asked to see a picture of me with my red wig, here it is.   Cari is also in the pic.   .    

May 2010 Cari and I with red wig.jpg

Here is also the picture I took of the KABC Dodger Talk announcement.

KABC DodgerTalk Announcement.jpg

Update on our trip to San Diego

I just heard from Linda in San Diego that the Padres are not letting her use the word “Dodgers” on our group when is announced on the big screen.   This is BS!   She made the suggestion to call it  “Vin Scully Fan club”   I think is a great but I still do not like that we cannot use the word “Dodgers” as part of our group when they flash it on the big screen.  

Dodgertalk on the Baseline field level only for field level fans

While watching the game Friday night at Dodger Stadium, I noticed an announcement on Diamondvision.   I did not get a chance to take a picture or write down everything it said but “we got the picture.”   It said along the lines “the fans on the field level are invited to attend DodgerTalk on the baseline field level restaurant.”   The restaurant is closed by then so only Dodgertalk is going on there on Fridays and Saturdays.  

In the past, my friends and I have been able to go downstairs to Dodgertalk but once we saw that sign on the Diamondvision, we decided to skip it Friday night.   Is ashamed that they no longer permitted us to go there.  My friend Linda and I enjoy stepping up to the mike.  

Here is a picture of one of the times we attended Dodgertalk last year.   The hosts on KABC are Josh Suchan and Ken Levine.   A fan had brought their Brad Penny bbh and smashed it there. 


OK, enough with the rants. 

Congratulations to Jeff Weaver on his 100 career win last night.   Is too bad that Ely had to be sent down to make room for Weaver but I am sure the kid will be back.  

Vin Scully pointed out that Ely looks like Mathew McgMcConaughy.  Let’s see

john Ely.jpg

Thumbnail image for matthew-231x300.jpg















Yep!  they look alike. 

Manny is back today and the X-man Xavier Paul had to be sent back to the minors.   It is just too bad that both Xavier and Ely had to go back to the minors.