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My Season Tickets went up 50%

My season tickets went up 50%.  I got my invoice some time ago but I have not responded.    I have also gotten a couple of calls from Dodger reps that have gone to voice mail.  I can’t deal with the calls right now.   I am not a happy camper with how the Dodger season went and what a bleak future we Dodger fans are facing with the pending divorce.   

It would be a different story had the Dodgers done better.  The Giants winning the World Series did not help.   Right now, well, I rather not talk to anyone from the Dodgers about renewing my season tickets.  

I should change my voice mail to something like “Sorry I am not available right now, I have

crawled under a rock.  I will be hibernating until I forget the Giants won the World Series or until the Dodgers get a new owner that will sign a legitimate number one pitcher and a left fielder and a third baseman.”   What do you think?      

I have gotten calls, emails from fellow season ticket holders asking me what I plan on doing.   I know they are not happy.   Some of the tickets are going up more than that now that the Dodgers will charge more for the first rows in a level so for some the increase will be more than 50%.     

I know my mood will pass and in the end I’ll give them my money.   I mentioned in my prior post that I am reading  “Eat Pray Love”.  I am at the eating part of the book where Elizabeth is in Italy.   Hanging out at a soccer game with friends, Elizabeth’s friend Lucas Spaghetti (She says that is his real name)  says to her

We can change our wives, We can change our jobs, our nationalities and even our religions, but we can never change our team.”   

Elizabeth also mentions that the word for “fan” in Italian is tifoso.  Derived from the word Typhus.  In other words_one who is mightly fevered.”    


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