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Dodger fans at Fenway Park

We got swept at Fenway Park.  The team failed to show up but we Dodger fans represented!

Here are pictures of Dodger fans. 

The hats say “Viva Los Dodgers”


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These guys that sat in back of us had us laughing for all three games.  

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I ran into Arlene who also sits in the Top Deck section 3.  

Dodger fans at  Fenway.jpg

Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill who post in the ITD blog made the trip from New York.  So I’ve seen you guys at Dodger Stadium and Fenway!  Maybe next year it will City Field! Dodger fans from ITD at Fenway jpg 

Dodger fans at the Fenway Park tour.  At the end I asked the tour guy why no tour of the Press Box and the dugout like we get at Dodger Stadium.  He said our group was too big.  Also he failed to tell us that .30 minutes later they were letting fans on the field for Father’s Day.  Not cool.  

Dodger fans group at the Fenway Park tour .jpg 

Here is one of the pictures from the ESPN game that was being sent to cell-phones while we were watching the game.   I was next to this Red Sox couple who had gone to Dodger Stadium so they were on the mailing list.  When the opportunity of this trip came up , they signed up.  They are from Washington DC.  .      

Dodger fans pic from the ESPN coverage .jpg 

 When the chant  “Beat LA”  started this Dodger fan had a sign that said “CANT BEAT LA  LAKER PARADE TOMORROW”  

Can't Beat LA Laker Parade Tomorrow sign  .jpg

and he also had this sign that reads

dodger fans.jpg

and this sign that says LAKERS WIN BOSTON SOXS.     

Dodger fan with sign at Fenway .jpg


With the exception of a  couple of racist Red Sox fans we encountered we had a good time.    There was a lady in the group that was asked “Why are you a Dodger fan?  You are no Mexican”   The Dodger beat writer for the LA Times, Dylan Hernandez was complemented on speaking English.   He thought it was funny that he was asked that.   Dylan actually speaks three languages.  Lorena had someone else made a racist remarks to her also.  

I have lots of more pictures from the Fenway Park tour and also the historical places we visited.

Pictures from Boston: Dodgers vs Red Sox

 Greetings from Boston!  

Ugly loss yesterday but other than this first game, I am having a wonderful times with friends Lorena and Elisa.  

at Fenway with friends Lorena and Elisa.jpg

Like I said a couple of days ago in the ITD blog, they should have given Jeff Weaver a start. 

Too funny that these guys in back of us sometimes sit in the same row where we have our season tickets.  They know our friend Chuck who has those season tickets.

Fenway Trip and Dodger fansjpg


Having a hard time uploading pics.  They keep coming out too big.  This one with Tommy at the luncheon offered with the Dodgerlife event did come out.  Tommy recognized me when he saw me and gave me a hug.   During the Q&A I asked him where does he gets all his energy.  He said when you love what you do, is not really work.   He loves what he does and we all love him! 

 Fenway Tommy Lasorda.jpg

well, I better close to go meet for Dodger fans friends! 

Thinking Blue!  Go Dodgers!


2010 Road Trip! Going to Fenway Park ! !

I am going to Boston to watch my beloved Dodgers!!  Woohoo!

My friend LuvtheDodgers23 (Lore), her niece and I will be in Boston in mid June to cheer our beloved Dodgers!   We are doing the DodgerLife event!  

Thanks Lore for making the arrangements.  I will look into flights tonight!

Road Trip

 Hit the Road with the Dodgers in 2010!   The package include hotel, exclusive Dodgers brunch, game tickets to all three games, a tour of Fenway Park, and a Dodgers Road Trip Polo Shirt. 

I have been to Fenway once when after a business trip in N.H., I stayed in Boston on a Friday night so that I could see Fenway Park.  I saw the Tigers that Friday night.   I wrote about it here in a too long post.   http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/06/my_trip_to_fenway_park_82605_a.html

Funny that when I was in Toronto for a few days taking a class, I happen to catch the Red Sox at Roger Centre.  Again, I made the trip by myself to catch me a game.    

I can’t wait!  

Ok, on to look for flights.