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Memorial at Dodger Stadium and Tragic a Year Ago Today

Memorial at Doddger Stadium

Two veteran firefighters who died trying to save the lives of dozens trapped in the largest wildfire in Los Angeles County history were remembered as heroes Saturday in a memorial service at Dodger Stadium.   The memorial was televised at NBC.  It was  attended by Vice President Joe Biden, governor Schwarzenegger, mayor Antionio Villaragoza  and others. 


aug sept 09 Memorial Firefighters at D.S. jpg 

Capt. Tedmund “Ted” Hall and firefighter specialist Arnaldo “Arnie” Quinones were killed Aug. 30 when their truck plunged off a mountain road as they were trying to find an escape route for dozens of inmate-firefighters whose camp had become overrun by flames.

aug sept 09 fallen firemen 1.jpgQuinones, 34, was remembered as “a big kid who loved to learn and he wasn’t afraid to make mistakes.”

Hall, 47, was remembered as the crusty old veteran, until you got to know him and learned that there were three loves in his life: family, job and motorcycles.

Hall is survived by his wife, Katherine and sons, Randall and Steven.



Quinones is survived by his wife, Loressa, who is pregnant with their first child.  This is from the personal pictures that they were showing at the end.  The hands of Arnie and Loressa.       

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After the last of the speakers, including friends and relatives, had delivered their remarks, several firefighting helicopters flew over the stadium in formation, a bugler played “Taps” and drummers and bagpipers performed a mournful version of “Amazing Grace.”


At AT&T Park in San Francisco:  Vicente Padilla who is 2-0 since joining the National league goes against Jonathan Sanchez..  Is amazing that all of James Loney’s homeruns have been on the road.  


Metrolink Tragic a Year Ago Today 

CHATSWORTH — A year ago today, the Chatsworth Hills Academy campus became a triage center and command post after a Metrolink train and a freight train collided yards from the school’s athletic field in California’s deadliest commuter rail disaster.

I was at work when a co-worker told me “Emma, you are not going to be able to take a train home, there has been an accident.”   As he was telling me this my phone was ringing with other friends that also take the train with me.    The Metrolink that was involved in the worst Metrolink accident was the one that turns around and picks us up to go to Downtown L.A.     This accident killed 25 and injured 135.   

It was determined that the engineer that conducted the Metrolink was texting prior to the accident.