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Come Rain or Shine. Roy Campanella

I won a nano Ipod from KCAL during one of the Dodger telecast! I picked it up last week. Thank you KCAL!

So brother Vic loaded some music on my ipod.

I was listening to Nancy Bea’s rendition of Master of the House. She used to play it for Orel Hershiser and still does when he comes to Dodger Stadium.

The song right after from Nancy was “I get ideas when we are dancing” haha, I need ideas to post here.  

The next song was from Frank Sinatra “Come Rain or Shine” It reminded me of my love for the Dodgers.

Days may be cloudy or sunny

We’re in, or we’re out of the money

But I’ll love you always

I’m with you rain or shine

Roy Campanella

So I was wondering if I should skip tonight game but not after reading Plaschke’s column here



From the article:

 The Dodgers are bringing Campy back, and good for them. In a Dodger Stadium ceremony before their game with the San Diego Padres, they will make two contributions to the Roy and Roxie Campanella Physical Therapy Scholarship Endowment at Cal State Northridge. They will donate money to the fund, and a seasonal internship in their medical department for a student from Northridge’s renowned physical therapy department.

Joni Campanella Roan, his daughter, is expected to be on the field to accept the gifts. She will be joined by a most stirring bit of Dodgers memorabilia, her father’s empty wheelchair. For one night, Campy will be back in front of a crowd he moved without moving, in a house that he helped build even though he never played an inning there.

campystamp 9521100_240X180.jpg


Heading to Dodger Stadium soon. 


More Pictures from the InsidetheDodgers Tour

Here are more of the pictures I took from the InsidetheDodgers tour.  

Here is me being Joe.  I even tried to put my hat on like Joe.

ITD tour Dugout .jpg

The Dodger bullpen.  Josh Rawitch in the picture.  

ITD Tour bullpen area .jpg

Carol and a fan wearing Ethier’s NL All-Star jersey walking to the seats behind homeplate.  Did you know that those seats are closer to homeplate than the pitcher is?    

ITD tour behind homeplate.jpg

Vin Scully picture inside the Vin Scully Press Box.

ITD Tour 2010 Vin Scully.jpg


In the media area.  The one in the white jersey is ITD (InsidetheDodgers) poster Khali.   

InsidetheDodgers tour 2010.jpg

ITD poster Perumike and his beautiful wife

InsidetheDodgers Tour 2010.jpg 

Josh Rawitch is showing us Dodger organist Nancy Bea’s area.   She receives flowers from fans including those orchids to the right.  See the plaque to the left says in the next picture.   

InsidetheDodgers Tour 2010.jpg

Here is what the plaque reads.   This is one thing I did not read on prior tours.

InsidetheDodgers Tour 2010.jpg


The View from Vin Scully’s booth.  The shades is drawn down a bit so you can’t see the mountains that he so poetically talks about during the broadcast.   

InsidetheDodgers tour 2010.jpg

Did not notice this board in Vin Scully’s booth before.  There is a Babe Ruth cartoon from a newspaper at the top that reads “$#$$$ cheaters”, Brooklyn Dodger announcer Red Barber advertising Schaefer beer, Tommy Lasorda on a camel (poor camel you say?) , old pictures of the old Dodgertown in Vero Beach and other pictures.         

InsidetheDodgers Tour 2010.jpg

 Fans looking at the view of the stadium from one of the suites

InsidetheDodgers tour 2010.jpg

Inside the suite,  The pool table there was used for the 60’s Rat Pack black and white poster with all the Dodger coaches. 

InsidetheDodgers tour 2010.jpg 

Frank Sinatra’s seats (4) and a mural of him in this suite.  

Frank Sinatra's seats.jpg

I will end this here.  I do have more pictures but the next post will be of black and white pictures of Brooklyn Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.  Hope you all enjoyed the virtual tour.    


Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax! and Happy New Year!

Today December 30th, 2009, Sandy Koufax turns 74! Happy Birthday Sandy!


Back in 1955, Koufax was competing to make the Dodgers roster along with another left-handed pitcher, Tommy Lasorda.   That is why Tommy always tells the story that it took the greatest lefthander to knock him off the roster!   

Here is Sandy with with Roseboro.  
Sandy Koufax 3 from LA library.jpg

 This picture is from July 7, 1980… All-Star Game “Weekend”
Sandy Koufax  1 LA  Library.jpg


From left to right: Frank Sinatra, Sandy Koufax, Buzzie Bavasi and Dean Martin stand at the head table for a C.C. Banquet.  December 4, 1963

Thumbnail image for Sandy Koufax 2 from LA library.jpgAll All pictures from the L.A. Library.  

I have some other pictures of Sandy from the last time the Dodgers went to Fenway Park but they are at work and I don’t go back to work until January 4th, 2010!! 


Happy Birthday Sandy!  

Everyone here at the MLBlogsphere, have a wonderful new year!