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Giddiness ! Dodgers sweep the Giants!

Can you believe Matt Cain is 0-8 against the Dodgers!  Jonathan Sanchez is 0-5.    That is 0-13 for two of the Giant starters.  

Dodgers Swept the Giants to end the June gloom with a 14-13 record.  Dodgers just love to play against their own division.   On to Arizona for three now.   

I am just amazed at the amount of double plays that the Giants hit into.  They are leading the league in that category!.   Vin Scully was saying “….and yet another double play.”   

Love Vin Scully! in the second game when the Panda was caught at second.  He said “The Panda turns into a pussycat”    LOL.   

You know why the Panda was caught at second? 


LOL   I love that picture!

Congratulations to Padilla on his #100 win!