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Dodgers win their 12th consecutive victory at Home! Going for lucky 13!

Jeff Weaver got his first win last night!  Some might have been saying “Who is that guy on the mound?”   He looked like the old Weaver that pitched for us in 2004 & 2005!  Welcome guerito.    I feel like singing the song “Que Onda Guero.”   The only run he allowed was a wild pitch.  He was limited to 75 pitches for his start but he gave us a little more. 

Our bullpen was fantastic with Tron (Troncoso), Belisario, Ohman and our baby bull Jonathan Broxton. 

What do you think of Torre’s comment about Weaver :-)?

“He said he didn’t do a good job with the leadoff hitters, but that’s pretty much why we felt good about sending him out there,” said Torre, who replaced rookie James McDonald with Weaver. “He’s done this. He’s never been one to rattle.”

 Going for lucky !3!   with 21 year old Kershaw against Cabrera.  Both are 0-2. 

On my way to the stadium now.  

Emma_Bleeding Dodger Blue!  

p.s.  I got Kirk Gibson’s autograph!!