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Third base has been very very cold to the Dodgers

Jon Weisman of ESPN posted in his blog Dodger Thought This:

Last time the Dodgers won a Gold Glove at the following positions:

C – Russell Martin, 2007

1B – Steve Garvey, 1977

2B – Orlando Hudson, 2009

SS – Cesar Izturis, 2004

3B – None

OF – Matt Kemp, 2009

OF – Steve Finley, 2004

OF – Raul Mondesi, 1997

P – Greg Maddux, 2008

Third Base, none!!?? I went back to look at all the NL Gold glove winners

1957 Frank Malzone Red Sox (AL)

1958 – 1961 Ken Boyer Cardinals.

1962 Jim Davenport Giants

1963 Ken Boyer Cardinals

1964 – 1968 Ron Santo Cubs

1969 Clete Boyer Atlanta Braves

1970 – 1974 Doug Rader Houston Astros

1975 Ken Reitz Cardinals

1976 – 1984 Mike Schmidt. Phillies. Too bad for Ron Cey.

1985 Tim Wallach Expos

1986 Mike Schmidt Phillies

1987 Terry Pendleton Cardinals

1988 Tim Wallach Expos

1989 Terry Pendleton Cardinals

1990 Tim Wallach Expos

1991 Matt Williams Giants

1992 Terry Pendleton Cardinals

1993 Matt Williams Giants

1994 Terry Pendleton Cardinals

1995 -1997 Ken Caminiti Padres 

1998 Scott Rollen Phillies

1999 Robyn Ventura Mets

2000 – 2001 Scott Rollen Phillies

2002 Scott Rollen Phillies/Cardinals

2003-2004 Scott Rollen Cardinals

2005 Mike Lowell Marlins

2006 Scott Rollen Cardinals

2007 – 2008 David Wright Mets

2009  Brian Zimmerman  Nationals 

2010 Scott Rollen Reds

If Mike Schmidt had not cornered the 3rd base corner for 10 years, Ron Cey might have had a chance. Also had Adrian Beltre not abandoned the Dodgers, he would have had a good chance of getting that first gold glove with the Dodgers.  I know…IF. That hot corner has been very cold to the Dodgers.

Also, It has been 36 years since the last time a Dodger won a GG at first when Steve Garvey won it last. Although James Loney is a good defensive 1st baseman, he got heavy competition with With Jeff’s boy (Pujols) and Adrian Gonzales.

BTW, Gil Hodges was the first 1st base Gold Gloves (Both Leagues) in 1957. He went on to have another in 58 and 59. Wes Parker had six gold gloves at first (1967 – 1972) and Garvey with four (1974-1977)

So that is 13 gold gloves for the Dodgers at First and none at Third.   


Gold, Silver and Dodger Blue!

Ahhh, the awards are coming in!   Gold gloves for Matt Kemp and O’Dog!   Congratulations to both gentlemen!   


but wait!  there is more!    The dynamic duo of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp get Silver Slugger awards!!!  Congratulations guys!  

Ethier and Kemp from mag.jpg


I’ve been in N.H. this week.  We brought the nice sunny weather from Southern Cal!!  It has been in the 50’s here but the rain will start Saturday when we leave :-))  I was supposed to be in N.H. the prior week BUT I had to leave that week open in the event that my Doyers were going to the World Series.  Oh well,    The only thing I regreat that I missed this week back home was that Vin Scully was going to be at the HRTS (Hollywood Radio & Television Society) luncheon on Tuesday 11/10/09.   Had I been in L.A. I would have gone to the luncheon to hear Vin Scully’s stories.  

 HRTS Vin Scully Luncheon

The good news is that Vin Scully said Tuesday he will continue in the broadcast booth for the Los Angeles Dodgers through the 2010 season, then decide whether he will walk away :-(.  I know the day is coming, I just want the last year of Vin to be a memorable one.  

“When the team takes the field and the crowd roars, it triggers something in me,” he told the audience at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. “Forget about where they are in the standings, I think that’s the secret. You just do the game and enjoy the game.”

Vin, who turns 82 on Nov. 29, and his wife Sandy celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary Tuesday.   Congratulations Mr and Mrs Scully!