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Ball Four Turns Forty event

The “Ball Four Turns Forty” event sponsored by the Baseball Reliquary at Burbank library was so much fun.  The event went from 11: AM to 5:P.M.  By the time we broke for lunch at 12:30 I knew I made the right decision to go to this event and skip the Dodger game.  

Here is the panel of Jean Hastings Ardell, David Kipen, Ron Shelton, David Davis and Jim Bouton. 

Ball Four turns forty event 016.jpg

Wish I had taken my copy of Bull Durham so Ron Shelton could have signed it. 

Ball Four turns forty event 018.jpg

Here are panel taking questions from attendees.  Unfortunately the time was alredy 12:30 so the guy in the yellow shirt was the last one asking question.  The lady in the green shirt is my friend Jeanine

Ball Four turns forty event 017.jpg

I went to lunch with Roberto of VinScullyismyhomeboy.com and with friend Jeanine.   Time flew by that we were late coming back but we found single seats in the end.

All copies of “Bal Four The final Pitch” were sold out by the time we came back from lunch so Roberto and I were glad that we bought our copy before we left for lunch.  Jeanine had brought her old copy but she bought another book about the minor league by Jim Bouton.  While Jim was signing the book I was checking his Yankee ring.   He wrote in my book “For Emma- “Smoke them inside”  Jim Bouton.   

Ball Four turns forty event 020.jpg

The documentary “the Seattle Pilots: Short Flight into History was great that alot of us bought the dvd.  I knew very little about the Seattle Pilots.   I found documentary facinating.. 

After the documentary, the second panel discussion consisted of Jim Bouton, Tommy Davis, Greg Goossen, Charles Kapner who loaned his Seattle PIlot memorabilia for the exhibit, Steve Cox and Brad Powers who were presenting the documentary.  

Ball Four turns forty event 021.jpg

Jim said that he has only read 20 books in his life!   I think it was David Davis, the moderator that said  “I think the Burbank librarian just fainted!”


Here is Greg Goossen.   He is a local boy from Sherman Oaks, Ca.    

Ball Four turns forty event 022.jpg  

 Here is a  Greg Goosssen and Tommy Davis when they played for the Seattle Pilots.

Ball Four turns forty event 025.jpg 

 The Seattle Pilots schedule from 1969.  They only lasted one season as they became the Milwaukeee Brewers  the following year.    

Seattle Pilots 1969 schedule jpg