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2011 Cy Young Award Winner: Dodgers Clayton Kershaw

I have not created a new post since November 2nd when I posted about our three Dodgers -Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw winning Gold gloves.

What a happy day in Los Angeles yesterday when it was announced that Clayton Kershaw had won the NL Cy Young Award! I was anxiously waiting for the results on Thursday. I was busy with a Webinar at work with phone and computer busy but I was keeping an eye on my droid.  Sure enough it started beeping with the good news. But in addition to the good news there was an email from the Dodgers inviting us season ticket holders to attend the conference on the field of Dodger Stadium. What was I to do when I had taken the train to work and I was still in the middle of the webinar?  Good thing it ended promptly at noon and there were no further questions.

the email said the conference was to start promptly at 1:30 p.m and that fans could start arriving at 12:30 p.m. I called to see if the company car was available. I was lucky! It was available!  I then headed to see my boss and told him I had an emergency and had to leave but would be back later on.

What a great day being back at Dodger Stadium! Clayton Kershaw was there with his wife Ellen. Matt Kemp and James Loney were also there.  Maury Wills was also there.  Prior CY Young award winners Don Newcombe & Fernando Valenzuela were also there.    Dodgers who have won the Cy Young:   Don Newcombe (1986) Don Drysdale (1962), Sandy Koufax (1963, ’65. ’66), Mike Marshall (1974), Fernando Valenzuel (1981), Orel Hershiser (1988), Eric Gagne (2003) and Clayton Kershaw (2011).

  Congratulations Clayton Kershaw!

More pictures:

Baseball Boogie video

Dodgers lost two games now so I thought that instead of dwelling on the losses, I’ll post something for fun. 

 I saw this video last year and I thought it was hilarious.   It is funny wathing it  all over again. You can see Orel Hershiser, Rick Honeycutt, Mike Scioscia, Bobby Welch, Pedro Guerrero, Mariano Duncan and other players.   Now at the beginning of the youtube it gives a list of players that participated but I did not see Fernando Valenzuela on the video. 

Mariano:  Can I borrow the pink jacket for the 80’s night at the stadium :-)?  

Any ideas on how I should dressed for 80’s fireworks night?  Is Friday June 5th.  Nothing too crazy OK :-)?  Thanks!