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Los Doyers contra Los Cerveceros

Los Doyers is a common nickname for the Los Angeles Dodgers used by Latinos because some Dodger fans’s parents pronounced it that way.   It has caught on on t-shirts but it does not sell at the stadium.
 http://eleveightla.com/pops/doyers_b.aspxI bought two of these shirts last week in downtown Los Angeles. 
Los Cerveceros  Brewers took the first game when Kershaw was a little on the wild side (he walked six).  Dodgers trailed 6-1 in the six but made it preety interesting in the 9th but lost 6-5.  They did outscore outhit (thanks Martinez!) the opposition (what else is new) 11-8. 
The second game, well that was a different story.  Brewer Giovanni Gallardo faced Hiroki Kuroda on Korean night at Dodger Stadium.   Dodgers scored 2 touchdowns and a field goal to the Brewers 4 points…err I mean runs.  
Hit by a pitch:  Manny Ramirez (by Smith, C), Juan Pierre (by Swindle), Catalanotto (by Kuroda), Prince Fielder (by Mota) And yes, Guillermo Mota was ejected from the game right away.  As Mota walked off the field, Prince Fielder eyed him like he wanted to follow him.   After the game, it was reported Fielder was banging on the door to the Dodgers clubhouse.   One Dodger fan reported that Fielder did not make it inside the clubhouse because he could not fit thru the door.  
Attendance 45,535 (no giveaway).  The Spanish broadcasters (Jaime Jarrin, Pepe Yniquez and Fernando Valenzuela) have a year around bet between them to guess the attendance.  The “losers” pays $5 each and at the end of the season the money is donated to charity.  
Rubber game.  The fun continues tonight with Jason Schmidt (2-1)against Looper(9-5).  Oh, is Manny Ramirez poster night.   I will be using the company’s seats in the field level by the visiting dugout. I hope all the boys behave.  I don’t want to see any HBP tonight.
Here is another photo with Ethier 
Andre Ethier at LA Live 2009.jpg