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Kuroda-san: Sending Prayers your way. God Bless.

Kuroda-san:  Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery.  God Bless.  

This is what happened:

Hiroki Kuroda who is alled Hero by his teamates was cruising with a two-hit shutout through five innings and a 3-0 Dodgers lead when he was hit on the head by a Rusty Ryal line drive in the bottom of the sixth inning of Saturday night’s game with the Arizona D-backs, and after receiving aid on the mound, was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

 Here is an update on his condition: 

According to the D-Backs post game show, Stan Conte just reported that the cat scan on Hiroki was negative and there is no damage. He will spend the night in the hospital and will hopefully be okay. Conte also said that as soon as Hudson reached Kuroda on the mound Kuroda asked if anyone had caught the ball!


this is very encouraging!

Sending prayers and thoughts to you Kuroda-san for a speedy recovery.    

It was very scary watching it on tv.  I was just saying “OMG, OMG”  and I just started praying.  We lost the game with our closer Jonathan Broxton giving up two homeruns in the 9th but the game is not important at this time.  

This brought memories when I was at Dodger Stadium and Isshii got hit the same way.  

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