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Deuce signing an autograph at Dodger Stadium

The only day I could go to batting practice in the last homestand at Dodger Stadium was Friday August 20th. 

I was watching BP with Deuce, his dad and friends but before I left to go upstars I wanted to see friends Linda and Greg who had seats in the field level that day.   I was about to take a walk looking for them when Greg found me instead!.  

After Greg met Deuce, he said that Linda would love to meet Deuce so I went to get Linda and Greg stayed with their stuff.   

Linda wanted a picture with Deuce.  She started talking to him and said something like I wish I had something for you to augraph.    Well, Deuce said “I could sign your hat.”  Linda, who is a Phllie phan and a Dodger fan, took off her Phillie hat and handed it to Deuce.   

 Deuce starts with a pen…

Deuce and Linda 1.jpg 

The pen is not working 

Deuce signing an autograph .jpg

so someone hands Deuce  a sharpie.  In the meantime let’s take a picture.

Deuce signing an autograph .jpg

OK, let’s take a look at the picture while Deuce finish signing….

Deuce signing an autograph .jpg

OK Deuce, can I have my hat back?  .  

Deuce signing an autograph .jpg

The hat with Deuce’s signature 🙂     




You can watch videos of Deuce and Jameson at Dodger Stadium here: