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Friday night against the Marlins

As I was  typing “Marlins” in the thread, I am listening on the radio an infomercial about Omega3 Fish oil.   It sounds like it does wonders, maybe I should order it.

Busy Friday.  For one I was trying to meet Jane Heller but it did not work out.   Sorry I missed you Jane.  I took it for granted you were going to be sitting by Frank and Jamie McCourt seats so I sat in the first row of the field level behind those seats during BP and for the 1st 2 innings  but only Tommy Lasorda passed by.

I could see Larry King sitting behind home plate instead of his regular seats.  I should have walked that way and maybe I would have seen Jane.  Oh well, I hope you will be back Jane!

While waiting for Jane, I noticed this sign.  Actually I had noticed it before but did not take a picture until Friday.  This sign was OK when there was no new dugout seats.

july 09 028 (2).jpg 

No way you can interfere with balls in play from this side of the wall.  I know it was left from before those new dugout seats were built, but it should be on the other side.     

Second, seven of my train buddies were also going to be there as part of a bigger group from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.  Four were arriving by train and 2 were carpooling.   I was to meet them at the stadium.   

Sonya who had never been to a baseball game, asked me when she saw a player was walking to first base  “Emma, Emma, he is walking to the base but he did not hit the ball.” so I started explaining the game and pointing out to the scoreboard explaining what the numbers meant.  I did a little explanation as I did not want to give her too much information. 

The two friends that carpooled had to leave early due to one of them getting an emergency call from one of their kids.     

At the end of the game I asked them if they wanted to watch the fireworks from the field or from Top Deck.  I told them Top Deck was a better view and one of the elevator workers agreed so up we went and I reunited with my Top Deck family.      

Normally my brother Victor and  I do not stay for Fireworks when we lose.  Victor was telling me when we got home that  he enjoys watching kids while they watch the fireworks because they get so excited.  He said “your friends acted like little kids watching the fireworks and applauding thru the whole show.   to which I replied   “I know, I was smiling watching them and hearing their exitement.” 


july 09 001.jpg

 Here are part of my Train friends.  Note the fans on the field leaving after the fireworks.

Ok, so now that two of our friends had left because of an emergency, It was time to see how I was going to have 6 people in my Toyota Solara.  ????  Hmmm.  We put the four guys in the back with Sonya and in the front.  Because of how the guys  were packed as sardines,  they had me in stiches all the way to Union Station.    It all worked out and I was able to get them to the  Station in time before the last train left.  I drove Sonya to Pasadena and then Vic and I headed home.  

We lost Friday but we had a good time at the stadium.  .   Kershaw pitched well and so did Johnson.   Our overworked bullpen lost it but we can’t win them all.