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Dodgers return the favor in San Francisco by Sweeping the Giants! Woohoo!

How sweet it is to sweep the Giants!  

I was at a memorial for a friend and co-worker that passed away after a long battle with cancer.  We honored her by getting together at one of her favorite places to get a bite to eat and a margarita.  A large group of us had a nice brunch there.   I checked the MLB At Bat twice and I smiled.  The rest of the game I heard it on my way home.  

Kershaw blanked out the Giants 4-0!  

Per Dodger Historian Mark Langill, Last time Dodgers had consecutive road shutouts vs. Giants was 1957 at New York Polo Grounds by Brooklyn’s Don Drysdale (7/1) and Sal Maglie (7/2).

Wish I had that coy of the 1957 year book. 

 I See you Luis “Cochito” Cruz!   Congratulations on extending your hitting streak to 12.   Felicidades!

Sweet Sweep so the broom is back!

Dodgers return to Dodger Stadium tied with the Giants for first place!

Also very happy because in soccer, Honduras defeating Spain in the Olympics!   What an upset!  I was not expecting this! 

Honduras now will face Japan. 

Cheers to my friend Ms M, a courageous woman with lots of friends.  Cheers to the Dodgers for the sweep and cheers for Honduras for the upset win against Spain.

WBC Final Game: Japan vs Korea at Dodger Stadium

What an incredible atmosphere at the stadium for the final WBC game between Japan & Korea.    Korea had the most fans but Japan also represented very well.   The home team was Korea but Japan had the Dodger side.  Yesterday’s game Japan was the home team using the Dodger dugout and USA was the visiting team. 

The Japanese fans kept chanting “NIPON” (Japan)  clap clap 

The Koreans fans kept chanting ” DAE HAN MIN GU” (Korea) clap clap (haha one word was put as *** so I edited)

There were several drums at different levels starting the chant.  

Here Sunset Blvd with the WBC banner. 


wbc 012.jpg

Opening Ceremony

wbc 025.jpg

The Japanese dugout side

wbc 030.jpg..

Here’s the Korean dugout side & also meet my Korean friend.  Edit to add:  Note her hat has Chan Ho’s Park’s #61, a pin with his picture and in the back of her hat says “Parks”   She also owns a Chan Ho Park jesrey.  

wbc 037.jpg 


I loved this girl’s enthusiasm for her team.  I thought she was going to pee in her pants everytime Ichiro-san came to the plate.   She went by herself to the game and she stayed until the final ceremonies were done.  

wbc 057.jpg  


here is a pic of the final ceremony.  The Korean players had already been given the silver medals and they are giving the Japanese players are receiving the gold medals. 

wbc 066.jpg

 Attendance for the final WBC game:  53,846!   A new record! 

3/26/09  Correction:  Attendance 54,846.  Thanks Malleycat!  

Soon we’ll be together again my beloved OLOCR!

I was remembering the Sting’s song we’ll be together

This weekend I get to go to OLOCR! Our Lady of Chavez Ravine”. That is what some of us endearingly call Dodger Stadium, OLOCR! . I get to see her in her splendor all dressed up in her Sunday’s best! I can’t wait!


I am super excited to go see the WBC finals! That USA is in the final four is icing on the cake! Congratulations to all the teams that are going into the Final 4: Venezuela, Korea, Japan & USA!!!

Can’t wait to chant USA! USA! USA!

See you soon OLOCR!

What should I wear?  What shoud I wear?

 I wonder if flags are allowed for the WBC.   If you’d been to OLOCR, you know that banners & flags are not allowed.

 pic from analogartsensemble.net  I have pics like this but even if I change them to 500, is not working.