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Dodgers remember Jenni Rivera

Here is the video the Dodgers posted of Jenni Rivera when she was at Dodger Stadium on Sunday August26, 2012. She performed at the Viva Los Dodgers festival that Sunday then she sang the National Anthem. I love that she said she grew up a Dodger fan and that she and her brother collected aluminum cans so that they could get money to go to Dodger Stadium.

Rest in peace Jenni.


What a Difference a Year Makes. Welcome Greinke & Ryu!!

What a difference a year makes!  Last year the Dodgers were shopping in

Now they are shopping in

What a weekend!  My prior post said that it was going to be a busy weekend but I had no idea how busy!

Welcome Zach Greinke!

hwangyong-hamnida Ryu!

Rest in peace Jenni Rivera and all that were aboard the plane.  Condolences to all the families.