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Back at OLOCR!

Oh how fun it is to be at OLOCR! Our Lady of Chavez Ravine.  Dodger Stadium!  OK, OK, I missed 3 home games because of my trip to N.H. but it felt like I’ve been gone a looong time! Can you tell I was so happy to be back?

Things did not look good for the Blue team Tuesday night against the A’s, as Braden had retired 14 in a row. then we took the lead, then the bullpen let it get away and then bang! in the 10th inning Kemp came thru with the walk-off and another win for the bullpen. A while back I started calling the bullpen :

 The Vultures because they just come in and whoosh! they scoop up a win!   They have at least 15 wins.

For the series against Oakland and to commemorate our local heroes, there is free parking for everyone! I could tell by the attendance that the crowd was bigger for a Tuesday night Funny that I missed the attendance number. I usually write it in my scorebook.

It was the first time back for our local boy Nomah. It was so strange seeing him wearing green. He came in as pinch hitter and we gave him a nice welcome. I noticed quite a few fans with their Nomah shirts and jerseys.

Also 31 year old Mitch Jones

Utah Athlete Mitch Jones

 made his MLB debut. He has been in the minor league for 10 years! We gave him a nice welcome when he came up as a pinch hitter in the 7th. He struck out but we fully applauded his effort. He was swinging a hot bat l for the Isotopes in Albuquerque. I hope I get to see his first hit!

For Jones, it wasn’t his first experience with a Major League club. He was called up by the Yankees and then-manager Joe Torre in 2006 for just one game but didn’t see any action. Mitch Jones did not even get to take BP as it was rained out before the Yankees played the Mets at then Shea Stadium. He was sent the next day back to Triple-A Columbus. I hope he gets to start a game or two and show what he can contribute to the team. Good Luck Mitch!!

BTW It was Jonathan Broxton 25th birthday yesterday! Jonathan: Did you miss me singing Happy Birthday to you? I had too much work so I could not repeat my singing performance from a prior year.  II am sure Jonathan did not miss getting embarrassed again. Also June 11th was the birth of his first baby! I was wondering how much the baby weight. Jonathan is a big guy.

He is listed as 6-4 weighing 295. Well, I heard Charlie say the baby weighed a little over 7 pounds BUT he was 5 weeks early! Imagine him at full term! Jonathan did well yesterday but the win went to Guillermo Mota. Kershaw, the starter threw a lot of pitches but still did not allow a run. I hope Jonathan does gets selected to go to the All-Star.

 Yesterday it was salute to Police Officers!  Tonight it will Salute to Firefighters!  

 Cahill on the mound tonight for the A’s against our “hero” Hiroki Kuroda on the mound.  Good luck Hero!