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Phillies disappoint Little Leaguers but Dodgers come to the rescue!

I saw this first on Facebook. Found that is from
It appears to be a letter sent from Vincent Scotti. According to it, Juan Pierre was the only one that acknowledged the kids. I know 500 little leaguers is a lot of little kids, but to only see one Phllie player acknowledging some of these kids is not cool.

I am not sure what the Phillies have done to rectify this but I am sure something will be done. In the meantime, I am glad the Dodgers stepped in and did the right thing!

It should be a good matchup tonight at Oakland with Eovaldi going for the Dodgers against Milone for the Athletics.
Get well Roberto!
Roberto of the blog Vinscullyismyhomeboy has been in the hospital. Wishing you a speedy recovery Roberto. Que Dios te mejore.

The Reunion: Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp greet Juan Pierre

I actually missed taking the pictures because I went looking for food.  Lucky for me my friend LuvtheDodgers23 stayed so she took all these pictures.   When I saw them I went “ahhh, how cute!”

The shake:

Spring Training 2010 Andre and Pierre Reunion.jpg

Where are you pointing Andre?

Spring Training 2010 Reunion Andre and Juan Pierre.jpg

Friends chatting 

Spring Training 2010 Andre and Pierre reunion.jpg

Matt Kemp shows up!  Here is the bump!

Spring Training 2010 Reunion with Pierre, Kemp shows up.jpg 

and here are the three doing the bump:

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Spring Training 2010 Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Pierre doing the bump.jpg

The hand shake:

Spring Training 2010 Reunion Kemp and Pierre.jpg

 And another bump before leaving

Spring Training 2010 Reunion Kemp and Pierre.jpg


A tough week for LA Sports fan this week. 

I mentioned this on facebook but not here.  Last week we mourn two LA sports figures in Willie Davis and Merlin Olsen.  

Willie Davis who still holds the all-time L.A. Dodgers records for the hits, extra-base hits, total bases, plate appearances, triples, and for the longest hitting streak, at 31 games.  The last time I saw Willie Davis was at the RBI(Reviving Baseball in Inter-cities) dinner last year.  

Merlin Olsen.    As a Los Angeles Rams fan, I remember watching Merlin Olsen an afterwards as a broadcaster more so than his acting career.    

I could not help shed a few tears when I heard of both these gentlemen passing away.   Both were 69.

This letter from a fan sent to the L.A. Times says it well:

“I can still hear Dick Enberg describing another Merlin Olsen sack, “And the applause is for the defense!”  I can still see Willie Davis galloping around the bases for another triple.  A big part of my youth just walked into the shadows of the Coliseum tunnel.  A piece of my childhood just rounded third and headed on home.   -John Thompson Chino, CA. 

Rest in peace 3-Dog and Merlin Olsen.    


My first December post!

Hello MLB bloggers and posters! So what have I been up to? Well, for one thing, I was a little sad and upset that we did not offer arbitration to Randy Wolf. A lot of us Dodger fans were scratching our heads on that. We expected those draft picks! With the slim picking in the farm system, we could have used those draft picks.

Am I upset enough to stay away from Dodger Stadium to make a statement? Heck NO!!! I am not willing to let the turmoil of the ownership steal from the joy of being at my happy place that is Dodger stadium.

All the happy moments I have spend watching the Dodgers outweighs anything else. Had I stayed away in 2009, I would have missed going to Camelback Ranch with my friends, Vin Scully throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day, Orland Hudson hit for the cycle, Billingsley great start, Andre’s Walk-offs!, the great start by the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, Matt Kemp, Loney, Broxton. The great road trips with my friends to San Diego and Chicago and going to the playoffs!

I will be there in 2010! I can’t wait for Spring Training, Opening Day and the whole 2010 season!

So last Saturday I met with LTD23, Erik and my brother Vic at Barragans! I wrote about this place before. It is the place we sometimes meet for breakfast during the baseball season on Sunday mornings prior to games! It was so good to meet there, enjoy a nice breakfast and talk about the Dodgers! I missed you guys! Afterwards we went to Dodger Stadium. The plan was to sit in our seats but the Top Deck was closed so we went to the right field gift shop. They still had the entire store at 50% off so we all bought some things for ourselves and for Christmas presents. Some jerseys and shirts of players that have left were discounted more than 50%. I bought an original Nomar jersey for $30! for Vic.

Afterwards, we went inside and sat there while watching the rain come down and enjoying the serenity of our happy place!

I just got a text from my friend LTD23 that Juan Pierre got traded to the White Sox for two minor leaguers! Thanks LTD23 for the update! You were the first one that broke the news to me!

Good luck Juanpie! Thanks for stepping up when Manny was out! I am glad that I was part of the crowd that gave you a standing ovation in appreciation for what you did in Manny’s absence.