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Casey Blake, Derek Lowe, Eric Karros and Kirk  Gibson.

What does Casey Blake, Derek Lowe, Eric Karros and Kirk Gibson have in common?   The number 23!  

Thank you to those that visit my blog!  My mlb blog  came in at #23 in the latest leaders for April!  

Let’s start with Casey Blake who started the season without a beard but ever since he started growing it back, the hits kept coming!    Casey Blake had three hits yesterday including a homerun.  I am glad you finally got to break in theCase Blake “In Beard We Trust” t-shirt Greg!

May 2010 Case Blake In Beard We Trust t-shirt.jpg 

Casey being congratulated by Torre, Aumus in the background. 

Torre Ausmus and Casey Blake.jpg 

Another one that were #23 was Derek Lowe.  Derek wore #32 in Boston but since that number belongs to our beloved Sandy Koufax, Derek chose #23. 

Derek Lowe.jpeg

Erik Karros also wore #23 with the Blue

Erik Karros.jpg


And everyone’s favorite!    Kirk Gibson!!   I have this Wheaties box.  I wish you were our coach Gibby!


Ok, so now I am hungry for some wheaties.