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Ken Burns and more pictures from the day I got Sandy Koufax’s baseball

When I went to the stadium on Tuesday August 3rd, I found out that Kern Burns was throwing out the first pitch!    I was telling ushers and fans about it.   One usher I always talk to from the dugout section (me on the other side of the short wall) was saying “Tell J.D. (another usher), he was just telling me that he was watching his baseball films.”    J.D. and I were both excited to see Ken Burns there. 

Here is Ken Burns waiting to throw out the first pitch

Ken Burns waiting to throw out the first pitch .jpg 

Not a good picture of him throwing out the first pitch


Ken Burns throwing out the first pitch.jpg

Here he is posing with Brad Ausmus

Ken Burns at Dodger Stadium .jpg

OK, so I could not get a picture with him so I said goodbye to friends in the field level and headed to my seat but to my surprise, as I was waiting for the elevator in the club level I ran into him!   I told him how much I love his baseball films and how I felt in love with Buck O’Neill because of him.   He was very nice and thanked me.   

Ken Burns at Dodger Stadium .jpg 



Here are some more pictures from August 4, 2010 with Joe Torre that Lorena sent me.    

August 4 2010 Dodgers Homestand 055.JPG

Afterwards Torre noticed I did not have my on the field pass correctly displayed.   He said “Here let me fix this for you before the picture…”  or something like that.     

August 4 2010 On the field during BP.JPG

Ok, is my pass OK now?   OH, you can’t see it here.    

August 4 2010 Dodgers Homestand 053.JPG

Great Road Trip Dodgers taking 4 out of 6!!

Dodgers take 2 out of 3 from the Phillies and Marlins!   Great road trip boys!  Congratulations

Congratulations to our young 21 Clayton Kershaw who had a no-hitter going into the 8th inning!  Of all people, our ex-Dodger Cody Ross broke the no-no with a double.


 Mota was called to protect a 10-0 score but final score ended up being 12-5.   Cody Ross got a grand slam.  The two biggest pain in the


See full size image




for the Dodgers in this homestand were two ex Dodgers:  Jayson Werth & Cody Ross.   The post steroid Mota is not working.  

Congratulations to Juan Pierre and Mark Loretta who got 3 hits each!  

 Dodgers come home to play 3 with the Mets and the Angels!  Yeah!   

I checked out “Baseball an illustrated History” by Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns from Monrovia library. This is a great read!   I happen to be there for the library Grand Opening day.   Ray Bradbury was scheduled to be there so I am glad I stayed to hear him.  The place was packed and he was running late so I was reading this volume to Ken Burns magnificient  PBS TV series.   The intro is by Roger Angels and essays by Thomas Boswell, Robert W. Creamer, Gerald Early, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Bill James, David Lamb, Daniel Okrent, John Thorn, George F. Will and an interview with Buck O’Neil.  

Bought a couple of used books from the Friend of the Libray and this lady said “You like to read and you are a baseball fan.”.  I was not buying baseball books but I had a t-shirt with small letters reading “This is LA baseball”.  She said if it was just the shirt she would not have said anything but I forgot I also had my baseball diamond pendant on.   The back of the pendant reads “Diamonds are forever.”   

Again, congratulations to our Dodgers!  4-2 road trip without Manny and Kuroda-san