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Dodgertalk on the Baseline field level only for field level fans

While watching the game Friday night at Dodger Stadium, I noticed an announcement on Diamondvision.   I did not get a chance to take a picture or write down everything it said but “we got the picture.”   It said along the lines “the fans on the field level are invited to attend DodgerTalk on the baseline field level restaurant.”   The restaurant is closed by then so only Dodgertalk is going on there on Fridays and Saturdays.  

In the past, my friends and I have been able to go downstairs to Dodgertalk but once we saw that sign on the Diamondvision, we decided to skip it Friday night.   Is ashamed that they no longer permitted us to go there.  My friend Linda and I enjoy stepping up to the mike.  

Here is a picture of one of the times we attended Dodgertalk last year.   The hosts on KABC are Josh Suchan and Ken Levine.   A fan had brought their Brad Penny bbh and smashed it there. 


OK, enough with the rants. 

Congratulations to Jeff Weaver on his 100 career win last night.   Is too bad that Ely had to be sent down to make room for Weaver but I am sure the kid will be back.  

Vin Scully pointed out that Ely looks like Mathew McgMcConaughy.  Let’s see

john Ely.jpg

Thumbnail image for matthew-231x300.jpg















Yep!  they look alike. 

Manny is back today and the X-man Xavier Paul had to be sent back to the minors.   It is just too bad that both Xavier and Ely had to go back to the minors.