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A Split with Astros and on to the Reds!

After losing the first two games, we took the next two with a brilliant performance from Clayton Kershaw on Saturday and the following day Matt Kemp scored all four runs.  

Saturday there was a play I have never seen before:  After a run scored,  Mike Hampton was walking back to the mound and being mad with himself, he tried to fire the ball into his glove but he missed , by the time he chased it down in foul territory, Kemp scored.  

Series against the Reds.   My friend Rosa and I were rembering the old days when Dusty Baker played for the Dodgers.    We used to throw gum to Dusty prior to each game and he and a bat boy would pick it up and he would acknoledge us fans as he would pickup the gum.    In those days, we used to refer to the left field side as “Bakersfield.”   For those that might not know, Bakersfield is a city about 2 hours from L.A.   My friend said to me “Remember when Dusty, Reggie Smith, Ron Cey and Steve Garvey hit 30 homeruns?  I sure did.  We did not know each other back then but we both have been coming to Dodger games for a long time.    

Jason Schmidt is back!    I so hope he pitches well tonight!   He has not pitched in two years!  Good luck Schmidt!   Lets Go Dodgers!