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Whom did Jackie Robinson replace when he broke the Major League color barrier with the Dodgers?

Whom did Jackie Robinson replace when he broke the Major League color barrier with the Dodgers?



Ed Stevens, a left-handed batter, and the right-handed Howie Schultz

From the New York Times:

Ed Stevens played first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946, hitting 10 home runs and driving in 60 runs, and he came to spring training the following year expecting to be one of the key figures in the lineup.

“I had no animosity toward Jackie,” Stevens wrote in his memoir, “The Other Side of the Jackie Robinson Story” (2009). “Branch Rickey was my object of anger.

Howie Schultz, the other Dodger first baseman supplanted by Robinson, was 6 feet 6 inches. He later played on N.B.A. championship teams with the Minneapolis Lakers. He died in 2009.


Ed Stevens passed away Sunday July 22 in Houston at the age of 87. Rest in peace Ed Stevens

Dodgers are home after a 7-3 road trip! Great job guys!

 The Matchups against Kirk Gibson’s Diamond Backs:

Monday: 7/30 7:10 PM PT

AZ: Kahill (8-9 3.86) LAD: Harang (7-5 3.39)

Tuesday: 7/31 7:10 PM PT Kirk Gibson Bobblehead

Az: Miley (11-6 3.11) LAD: Capuano (10-6 3.13)

Wednesday 8/1 A Business Day special at 12:10 PM PT

AZ: Collmenter (3-2 4.13) LAD: Fife (0-0 1.46)


 Ref: New York Times, http:www.Examiner.com

Remembering John Wooden and Kirk Gibson’s Famous Homerun.

John Wooden would have turned 100 October 14th 2010.   When he left us in June of this year, I immediately thought of my good friend Craig who used to tell me of the days when he and his dad used to go  to the Pauley Pavilion.    He sent me the following email

I remember meeting Mr Wooden.

The first time was a UCLA-USC bball game in 1970 or 1971. The game was part of the miracle 88 game win streak. I still have the ticket stub and program in a box somewhere.

My dad took me to 5 of those 88 games, and I still have the old tickets saved.

The attached picture is the program and ticket stub from victory #71 of the 88.

Paul Westphal, the USC guard, dove for a loose ball heading out of bounds and ended up knocking me backwards from my front row student section seat under the basket at Pauley Pavilion. It was near the end of the first half.

When the teams took the court to warm up for the 2nd half, Mr Wooden came over to check on me.

“Young man, are you OK?” he asked.

All eyes in our immediate area were now on me.

I fell speechless and could only look at my dad.

“It looked like you took a took quite a fall” he half told me and half told my dad.

I mumbled that I was fine, and I asked Mr Wooden to please beat USC for me.

“With great pleasure!” he assured me, tipped his rolled up program/notes at us, and headed back to his coaching seat.

I did get Paul Westphals autograph on my program when he was done with 2nd half warmups. He remembered clobbering me.

I should have got Mr Woodens autograph too.


 I remember seeing Mr. Wooden at Dodger Stadium.   He used to call Joe Torre.  Wish he was still around so he could call Don Mattingly. 

Today October 15th is the 22nd anniversary of Kirk Gibson’s homerun in the 1988 World Series.   That is what I should have taken to Dodger Stadium to have Kirk Gibson signed!   My World Series program!   Why couldn’t I think of this before!?    OK, God willing, I will have an opportunity to have Gibby sign this next year. 




See you next Spring my Beloved Dodger Stadium

My Spring and Summer home is officially closed for the season but I’ll stop by a couple of times during the off-season to keep an eye on it.  

Thumbnail image for Mid September 2010 010.jpg


This year’s Fan Appreciation was sadder saying goodbye to more friends that I made at the stadium and saying goodbye to
Joe Torre. Oct 3rd, 2010jpg

Joe Torre and Brad Ausmus.  Good luck to two classy guys!

Jon Soo Hoo pic of Torre and Ausmus.jpg  

last pic by Jon Soo Hoo.

Friday and Saturday’s game Kirk Gibson was so nice signing alot of autographs.   I got my baseball signed by him.  I hope he is back as the D’Backs manager if not back in Dodger Blue!  I can dream…   

Kirk Gibson.jpg   

I’ll miss alot of people from the stadium including the batting practice group that includes Deuce, William (Deuce’s dad), Syliva, Dee, Cari, Kristin, Gordon, Pat, Norma,  Rosa, Ronnie and of course my Top Deck Friends!  that includes you Erik!

Deuce also signed my Dodger program where he was featured 

Deuce .jpg         

And here is Deuce and Devon Ethier who was drafted by the Dodgers

Devon Ethier and Deuce.jpg 

good luck to everyone in the postseason.  I am looking forward to watching some good baseball.   Let’s go D.Lowe!  Beat those Jints!


Let me know if anyone wants a Dodger Calendar.   I have a couple of extras.   

Casey Blake, Derek Lowe, Eric Karros and Kirk  Gibson.

What does Casey Blake, Derek Lowe, Eric Karros and Kirk Gibson have in common?   The number 23!  

Thank you to those that visit my blog!  My mlb blog  came in at #23 in the latest leaders for April!  

Let’s start with Casey Blake who started the season without a beard but ever since he started growing it back, the hits kept coming!    Casey Blake had three hits yesterday including a homerun.  I am glad you finally got to break in theCase Blake “In Beard We Trust” t-shirt Greg!

May 2010 Case Blake In Beard We Trust t-shirt.jpg 

Casey being congratulated by Torre, Aumus in the background. 

Torre Ausmus and Casey Blake.jpg 

Another one that were #23 was Derek Lowe.  Derek wore #32 in Boston but since that number belongs to our beloved Sandy Koufax, Derek chose #23. 

Derek Lowe.jpeg

Erik Karros also wore #23 with the Blue

Erik Karros.jpg


And everyone’s favorite!    Kirk Gibson!!   I have this Wheaties box.  I wish you were our coach Gibby!


Ok, so now I am hungry for some wheaties.   

Homestand, Kirk Gibson and Viva Los Dodgers  Festival

 So far this homestand we are 2-3.  Not good.   We split the four game series with Arizona.  I really thought we would take the series.   

One of the best things of the D’backs being in town is getting to see Kirk Gibson.


Gibson 090309.jpg

Gibby is so nice that he comes over to the Kid’s corral and signs for us fans.  Last year the D’backs happen to be in town during the 80’s celebration day.  Kirk Gibson took the time to show up at the 80’s luncheon held in the Club Level restaurant.   We had quite a few players from the 80’s  but the big surprise was Gibson.   Gibby mentioned that it be nice if the seat where his famous 88 World Series landed be marked with his name.   Now, wouldn’t that be nice to honor Gibby?    

 When I got to the stadium and saw the matchup on the scoreboard of LeBlanc with a 9.75 ERA, I thought for sure my Dodgers can win BUT instead it was a frustrating loss.  Dodgers were blanked out by the score of 2-0.   UGH!  Ten men were left on base.    Pathetic display!  Clayton Kershaw has had 8 runs support in his last 9 starts.  Just pathetic hitting lately.   I still can’t believe it!  Zip, nothing, nada zero runs.   Oh, I almost forgot the two errors in the same play.   Just pathetic.  

 Randy Wolf goes Saturday!  Hopefully the wolfman can restore order and be the stopper he has been lately.    

Saturday is also the Viva Los Dodgers Festival. 

Viva Los Dodgers

I have been attending a few of these events in the past. There is music, games for kids, vendor booths from Dodger sponsors with giveaways an contests.   Also there is autgraph booths with players rotating in the booths.  Jaime Jarrin, Fernando Valenzuela and Pepe Yniquez also participate in this event.  

The game will start at it scheduled time of 7:10 p.m. so for us that are going to both the festival and the game it will a long day/night at the stadium.    

Tomorrow is also another segment of “This is my Town”.   This time is to honor the Mexican community so the shirt will be in Spanish  “Esta es my Ciudad”   Buying tickets in this section entitles you to the t-shirt and an  All you can eat.  The menu includes guesadillas, lime chicken, watermelon and the standard nachos, Dodger Dogs, and non-alcoholic drinks.