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Great Opening Day at Petco Park!

It was a beautiful day in San Diego at Petco Park.  My friend and I drove here, checked into our hotel and then headed to the stadium.   I love Opening Days!  They are so special,  Is like Christmas for adults!   The Padres are celebrating 40 years of being into existence.  We got a padre hat at the entrance which I’ll save it to give it to the first person that want it. 
Dodgers beat Peavy!   We beat Peavy!   You have to understand that Peavy has always been a Dodger killer.  I was hoping for this game to get his pitch count and try to beat the bullpen. 
I am using my friend’s pc as I was having problems with mine so this is a short post.   Our tickets yesterday were between third base and left field so I was hearing Padre fans picking on Manny.   Today our tickets are behind the Dodger dugout!   Game time is 7:10.  We only had tickets and hotel stay for two nights but we are staying an extra night so we will catch the Wednesday night game which they are predicting rain.  Thursday’s game is a day game so we might make that one and then drive back to L.A.  We have a beautiful view of the the ocean from our hotel.   Everyone have a great day!


TroyfromWestVirginia’s Youtube “We are the L.A. Dodgers”

I first met TroyfromWestVirginia last year when I went on a road trip that took me first to Yankee Stadium then PNC.    I had seen his tribute to Joe Beimel before so when he walked infront of me, I recognized him!.  

Yesterday I ran into him again at Camelback Ranch.  For those that don’t know anything about Troy, he is a big Joe Beimel fan.  He is the reason why Joe got a bobblehead.   I took a picture with him and his sign saying “Bring Beimel Back”.  I  I posted the in my prior thread. As the game progressed, I spotted him behind home plate when our pitching started to fall apart, he was displaying his sign and getting other fans to chant with him “Bring Beimel back!’  running up and down trying to get the attention of whoever was in the suites upstairs.   I told the people sitting next to me who he was.  

Troy’s original youtube was titled “The Legend of Joe Beimel”.  He has done many since the but I like this tribute song he did  titled “We are the L.A. Dodgers”.   Great job with the song Troy!  

We Are the LA Dodgers - 2009