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Jose Lima and Lima Time at Dodger Stadium

Jose Lima gave the Dodgers the first play-off victory in 16 years! 16 Years! Imagine that!

It was 2004 when Jose Lima went to Vero Beach as a Spring Training invitee and he gave us that incredible playoff performance against the Cardinals in 2004.

 Jose Lima was a joy to watch and we Dodger fans love that he always had time to sign autographs for us and pose for pictures. If you were at the stadium, you could easily get his autograph and take your picture with him.

I will never forget that game nor your singing and dancing performance at the VIVA LOS DODGERS festival and you singing the National Anthem.

This picture is from May 15, 2004. There I am with my hand-made scorebook. Jose Lima would sit there and pose for pictures and sign autographs on days that he was not pitching

Jose Lima.JPG

We will never forget you Jose Lima!

Vin Scully made a comment that “Young and Old, we all will get our time and it was Lima’s time”

I wore my 2004 playoff hat to Sunday’s game at Dodger Stadium. I was at that game for our first playoff win in 16 games. I remember I wrote “LIMA TIME” in my rally towel and when I exited I got interviewed by KCAL Channel 9 and also the Spanish station Channel 34.

The following day, Lima was again signing autographs and I regretted that I did not take a copy of the Sport Section with me from the LA Times. There was a beautiful picture of him there that I still have somewhere in my house.

Jose Lima was at Dodger Stadium Friday night. He was shown on the Dodger Vision and we gave him a big round of applause and a standing ovation.

He had recently joined the Dodger community crew and had just opened a baseball academy in Pasadena. I ran into Ben Platts of MLB.COm and he told me that he was supposed to go to the academy and interview Lima.

What a great addition he would have made the the Dodger Community group!

Rest peace Jose Lima. Our thoughts and prayers to you, your family and friends.


Dodgers tied for first with the Padres! Rest in Peace Jose Lima

I don’t like inter-league games but I am glad to see the Tigers for a chance to see Sparky Anderson at the game!   

Here is a great picture of Joe Torre, Sparky Anderson and Leyland.   pic from Jon Soohoo.

Torre Sparky and Leyland.jpg

Is too bad the game was part of the game of the week so no Vinny.  Maybe Sparky will be back today Sunday when the Dodgers go for the sweep!  

You all remember my little broom (size of a pencil_no brooms allowed at Dodger Stadium) that I took to San Diego?  Well I am taking to Dodger Stadium today.  


Fear the Beard Case Blake had a homerun and so did Matt Kemp.  Matt had not hit one out since Ned Colletti’s rant to the media.  

Here is Kemp sporting the “In Beard we Trust” tshirt of Casey 

Matt Kemp with TheBeardShirt.jpg

Saturday it was Taiwan Day in the “This is My Town” section so it was nice that Hong-Chih Kuo and Fu Te Ni  got in the game.  The promotion includes  Taiwanese food and a t-shirt.  The night before  it was “Star Wars Day” and it was fun seeing all the characters of Star Wars.    

Here is a picture of the section with Taiwanese fans going bonkers seeing Kuo on the mound.  Notice the Dodger Stadium Club below which now has outside seating. 

This is my town Taiwan .jpg 


John Ely.

In his last four games, he had not given up a walk until Saturday.  This kid is not afraid to go after the hitters.  He had a shaky first inning Saturday but he settled just fine after that.   I wonder why the White Sox included him in the trade with Juan Pierre.    Oh and he is also in MLBblog Baseball fantasy team.     So another win for the Dodgers and another win for the Locos Azules.

Let’s Go Dodgers!

Going for the sweeep today!      

Note:  I picked up Edwin Encarnacion after he came back from the DL and he has hit 5 homeruns for me since May 18!    WOW!   I forgot who dropped him.  


Ice Cream Time!


Walter O’Malley had a tradition of treating his staff to ice cream at 2:00 P.M. every day that the Dodgers were in first place.   This tradition is still carried over to this day at Dodger Stadium.  

Rest in Peace Jose Lima.   Sad news of Jose Lima, 37 passing away of a heart attack.  I just saw him Friday night at Dodger Stadium.   He had started a baseball school here in the LA area.   We will never forget “LIMA TIME”  Rest in peace Lima.