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Blue Holiday Spirit!

How a Dodger fan copes this season?   That is my friend Erik’s arm and yes, that is a Dodger tattoo on his arm.  We were enjoying a shot of Patron.  



speaking of patron.. (I heard a fan call Jaime, Patron, out of respect.  Patron means “the boss.”   “Un Patron para el patron.”    

Happy belated birthday Jaime Jarrin!

Jaime Jarrin has been the Spanish voice of the Dodgers for 50 years!   He turned 74 December 10th.   I remembered but have not been posting lately, but I have been reading you all! 

Jaime was born in Quito, Ecuador.  Jaime began work as a broadcaster in Ecuador when he was 16.  He went on to become the announcer for the National Congress of Ecuador.  He came to the U.S. in June of 1955.  At that time he had never seen a baseball game!  

When the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958, KWKW, where Jarrin was the news and sports director, picked up the Spanish language rights for the games and the rest is history.    


Here is a pic of the two Hall of Famers, Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin.  the picture is from 2009 giveaway calendar.  

Vinn and Jaime.jpg 

Gentlemen: You look marvelous!!


Dodger Christmas Gift for Season Ticket Holders!

So Saturday I get this box and I knew it was my Dodger Christmas gift for season ticket holders!   The year before we had gotten a Christmas globe and the year before that a mini repplica of Dodger Stadium.  This year is a replica  of our seats!  

My friend Erik got his in the form of a bench since he sits in the pavilion.   Here is a picture


Here is my friend LTD23’s pic

Aren’t they adorable!   I love them!!!  

Until I saw these pictures, I realized that I don’t have the letters and numbers for mine.  I must have dropped it when I openned the box.  

Here is a pic of mine but along some other Dodger memorabillia and some my baseball books.

Did I say that the seats are adorable!?!!

Dodger Xmas gifts .jpg

Next to the box snowman is my Dodger Stadium replica, my Dodger seats from this year, and the Dodger Xmas globe.   You can see part of the baseball books.  There is Miss Piggy in a Dodger uniform, a Dodger Dog, Jackie Robinson statue and Sandy Koufax statue.  

Everyone have a wonderful, safe and healthy merry Christmas!