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Dodgers Pirates for Breakfast. Let’s Clinch the N.L. West!

Dodgers let the game get away on Sunday when they were leading by three runs in the 9th inning and Jonathan and errors gave the game to the Pirates.  

Is Monday morning at 10:A.M. and I am listening to the game while at work.  I want the Dodgers to wrap it today! 

I am multi-tasking as I have lots to do and I will be at the last two games in San Diego.   Although it would be so cool to watch them wrap it up in San Diego with Vin Scully at the mike, I rather they win today.  

Dodgers losing 2-0 in the second inning and already three errors in the game!   Two errors by the Pirates and one by the Dodgers.  Dodgers already had some stooopid running blunders.

Magic number is our beloved Captain Pee Wee Reese


I love this statue of Pee Wee Reese putting his hand around Jackie Robinson!  I  hope someday to see it in person:


Oh oh,  4-0 Pirates.  Make that 5-0.  Oh brother. 

Like Jaime Jarrin is saying right now.  “No serian Los Dodgers si hicieran las cosas faciles” “They would not be Dodgers if they did things easy.” 

Go Dodgers!

See you in San Diego!