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Traveling Exhibit of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Lorena told me about the Traveling Exhibit of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Gardena.   We both went on Sunday.   Too bad I did not hear about it before or I could have gone before when Maury Wills was there on February 1st.    Here are some pictures I took:

Jackie Robinson.

Buck O’Neil

These were the books in the exhbit but there were some others ones like “42” for sale.

A very young Don Newcombe

Roy Campanella

I love the exhibition!  Here is a picture of the three women that played baseball in the Negro Leagues.  In the middle is Toni Stone, to the right is Connie Morgan, to the left is Mamie (Peanuts) Johnson, the only one that is alive.  She is on the Baseball Reliquary list as one that we can vote for to be enshrined into the Hope of the Eternals.   I am voting for her among others on the list.

Here is the Negro League Baseball Museum hat I bought with six team patches.

I am glad I got to go see this traveling exhibit and glad to be posting about it especially during Black History month

The exhibition in Gardena is there until Thursday February 13.  The address is Nakaoka Community Center.  1670 W. 162nd Street. Admission is free.

The Negro League Baseball museum link is http://www.nlbm.com/  I went there and bought me the poster “The Beauty of the Game”  The poster of the three women playing baseball.

The Baseball Reliquary link is http://www.baseballreliquary.org/ if you want to join.

Black History Month: Mamie “Peanut” johnson

Mamie Johnson book a Strong Right Arm.jpg
Mamie Johnson (Peanut) was born Mamie Belton on September 27, 1935 in Ridgeway, SC.  She was the second woman, and the first female pitcher to play with the men in the Negro Leagues. 

She played for the Indianapolis Clowns from 1953 to 1955 and had a 33-8 W-L record

Here is a cover of a children’s book titled: “A Strong Right Arm:  The Story of Mamie “Peanut Johnson by Michelle Y. Green.  Grades 4-6. 

 Despise the hardship, there were memorable highlights for Johnson.  The great LEROY SATCHEL PAIGE helped her perfect the curveball.   Don’t squeeze the ball so tight, Paige told her. and let it break to the outside.  



According to Johnson her most unforgettable moment came in a game between the Clowns and the Kansas City Monarchs.  Facing off against third baseman Hank Bayliss with a runner on first, Johnson threw a called strike.  the second ball was high and outside.  Johnson’s third ball was another strike.  According to Johnson, Bayliss then called out to her on the mound with a voice so loud, the crowd could hear him.  “YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A PEANUT”, he alledgedly yelled.  Johnson reared back and threw a third strike–gaining a strike out and a nickname at the same time! 




After her baseball career ended, she was a nurse for 30 years, and also coached youth baseball. When she retired from nursing, she was the manager of a Negro Leagues memorabilia shop. She was also a guest lecturer at a Library of Congress symposium in October 2009.

Here is Mamie as a young girl and in uniform in 2007.    



Mamie with her  uni.jpg


ref:  African American Lives. Michelle Green’s book.