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Dodgers at Petco with Manny back…

What a crazy day Friday was with Manny being back after his 50 game suspension.  My friend Lore and I made the trip along wih so so many Dodger fans.   We have been in San Diego many times including the four game series against the Dodgers to start the season so we are used to seeing many Dodger fans but this time the number was even larger.    As they open the gates, we saw on the field the number of media covering Manny and we said “OMG”.   Here is the media waiting..

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Here are the players stretching including Manny.  The guy with jeans and a beige shirt is Eric Karros who was covering the Padre/Dodger game on Saturday.


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In other news, the Dodgers won the first game 6-3, dropped the second one 7-4 in yet another no decision by Randy Wolf.  That is about 12 no decision by Randy.  Rubber game tomorrow.  Media coverage has gone down from the first circus day.  Oh, yeah, Manny went yard on the 4th of July!  Congratulations Manny!  He is back….  

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!