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Dodgers, Brewers, Matt Kemp & All-Star  game

Dodgers win big in Milwaukee!   When Trevor Hoffman came in in the 9th inning, I was remembering that game at Dodger Stadium in Septermber when my boys in Blue came back with a back to back to back to back homeruns.   I was saying last night “We can beat this guy, we’ve done it before.”   Sure enough they tied the game and it was sent to extra innings.  Matt Kemp finished it off with a grand slam!!    Ethier, Loney and Martin also hit homeruns.   Oh yeah..that other guy Manny Ramirez also hit a homerun.  That is 5 homeruns in the game!   Final score:  Dodgers 12, Brewers 8.  Way to go Boys!!

Congratulations to Matt Kemp who is


scorching hot!  But I guess only Dodger fans see that as he did not make the final vote for the All-Star and was not selected as a substitute to Beltran.   

Is so rewarding to see our young guys Loney, Martin, Ethier and Kemp come thru!


Congratulations boys!  We are so proud of you!  We are proud of the whole team how you have come together and are playing as a team and holding on to the best record in Baseball!

 Tonight is Weaver (5-2) with a 3.32 ERA against Burns (1-2)  Good luck Guerito Flaquito!