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Vote Puig to the MLB All-Star Game 2013 Final Vote

It is baseball’s best interest to have Yasiel Puig in the All-Star game.   He is capturing everyone’s attention.  I have non-baseball friends asking me about Puig.   Baseball fans, not just Dodger fans want to see him there.  He is the most exciting player I have seen in a long time.  Just like I wanted to see Harper before, I want to see Puig in the All-Star.  He has legitimate talent.  If he is coming up to bat, I am paying more attention, if the ball gets hit his way, my eyes are on him, if he is on the  , my eyes are glued to see his next move.   Vote for Yasiel Puig! 

I did and got this:


Thank you! #votePuig

Dodger Road Trip! Cooperstown then Dodgers and Yankee Series

I arrived at 7 a.m. in the Big Apple. I have done plenty of walking and with lack of sleep I just waiting for Lorena to show up so that I can go to the room and rest.   Oh, I also forgot the laptop power adapter.  I was able to find one at Staples.   I do need it as although I am on vacation, I am also on call and will be doing some work from here.

I ran into one of the MLB Big Apples statues for the upcoming MLB All-Star game here in New York.   Funny that it happened to be the Red Sox apple I ran into.   It is located at the Party City store.  I forget exactly where, 33rd street?

Boston Red Sox 2013 All-Star Game Apple Figurine - MLB.com Shop

Now I want to see where the Dodger apple is located.

Here is a picture I found online of the Dodger apple

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Tomorrow:  Cooperstown.  We stay a night and then is back to New York City.

I am waiting waiting  for Lorena and Maria who arrived yesterday morning and headed  to Atlantic City.  Tonight Rosie and her brother George arrive.    Yay! Lorena and Maria are here!   Bye!