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Third Year MLB Fan Blog anniversary & Dodger Blogs Softball Tournament

Today February 13th is my third year anniversary with my MLB Fan Blog  I am not posting as often as I used to but I’ll get back into the swing again.   Three years!   2011 I met two bloggers that used to have a blog here, Randy from Minnesota with his Heirloom blog and Mike from Brooklyn with his blog TheBrooklynTrolleyblogger.  It was a pleasure meeting you two.  I also got to meet Angel fan Kristin from This is a Very Simple Game MLB blog.  http://blithescribe.mlblogs.com/I I hope to meet more bloggers this 2012.     Thank you everyone that continue to read my blog or have found me googleing something about the Dodgers.   One of these people that found me googleing something about the Brooklyn Dodgers is Dr. Tri.  His son and other fellow student have a great baseball project that I hope to keep tabs on and will keep you informed. 

Dodger Blogs Softball Tournament.    I had a great time playing for Evan’s Blog team Kingman’s Performance!   The tournament was at the Big League Dreams in West Covina.  This facility has replica fields from the Dodgers, Angels, Tiger Stadium, Yankee Stadium (the new one), Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.   We played three games at the Dodger Field, Tigers and Fenway Park replicas.   I alternated the catching  job with Esperanza, Evan’s wife.   Thank God I did or else I would have been more sore the following day.  Confession:  I am a terrible hitter but everyone was patient with me including the umpire who is a Yankee fan and even Gary and Jon SooHoo from the Left Field Pavilion team that we were playing against were rooting for me to get a hit 🙂   Thank you for inviting Evan to be part of the team opinionofkingmansperformance.blogspot.com/ 

Here are some pictures:

Esperanza who scored the only run in the first game (score VSIMHB 16, KP 1) against Roberto’s team 1 www.vinscullyismyhomeboy.com/ 

Evan who runs a great blog at OpinionofKingman’s Performance and Ron (AKA Fansince53) .  Ron is a big Dodger fan that sits in the Left Field Pavilion.  If you saw the movie “Bluetopia”, you saw Ron there. 

Roberto checking out his team

Jeanine, Emma and Pat 🙂  (I knew it was Pat, but I wanted to make sure). 

We are losing 8-1 but look at the scoreboard!  We are playing in the Dodger Stadium replica.  The scoreboard has game one of the 1988 World Series with kirk Gibson at bat, bottom of the 9, 3 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs. 

Jeanine batting

My friend Jon SooHoo playing against us for the Left Field Pavilion team 1.   Wish we had him in our team.  He can hit!  he hit a three run homerun in our game. 

My friend Gary playing for the LFP team too.

Gary in the dugout with his team the LFP team 1.  I met Gary from the Baseball-Fever forum.

Jon SooHoo again on base.  Note we are playin in the Tiger Stadium replica. 

Oh no!  here is Jon again. 

One of our sluggers:

The victory is ours.  11-5.

Team foto:

No pictures from the third game.  The 27 Yankees like Evan called us beat us real bad.  They (The Left Field Pavilion team #2 actually won the whole thing so it was not as bad getting beat by them, a much younger team.  

Here is the schedule of Dodger blogs teams that were in the tournament:

Playoff bracket:

The food collected for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

The Left Field Pavilion Team 2 who took the championship and the trophy.

Dodger Diaries who came in second. 

Dedicating #22 from the January 2011 MLB Fan Blog Leaders

When I think of #22, I automatically think of Clayton Kershaw.   He was my choice last time I got #22 in the MLB Fan blog  leaders.      

When I told my friend Erik about it last time, he said  “Emma, next time you get #22, let me be a host in your blog  so that I can dedicate it to a particular player?.”    

BTW, This is the second time Erik is hosted here.  The first time, he wrote a touching post on how Erik, Lorena and I met. 

I am blessed to call Erik and Lorena my friends and that we met because of the Dodgers.  Here is his old post. 

Metro Bus #4, next stop, Opening Day 2010


Here is Erik’s post for today: 


Ever since CrzBlue told me about the tradition of dedicating a post to a former player whose jersey # matches your ranking for the month, I told her that when she earns #22, she must dedicate her page to Elgin Baylor. Yes, Elgin Baylor, the Laker. She found this kind of odd too.

elgin_baylor.jpgI first became fascinated by Elgin Baylor back in the late 1980s.  At that time I followed the Lakers and the NBA pretty closely.  I soon realized that whenever people talk about great players from before the 1980s, those conversations center on West, Russell and Chamberlin. Now, those are some great players, and I don’t mean to take anything away from t
hem, but I wish fans would include Baylor among those greats. In Los Angeles, I feel like whenever people think of Elgin Baylor, they automatically think of his tenure as an executive with the Los Angeles Clippers. He gets no love in L.A. My hope is that after reading this post you will realize that he is one of the NBA’s greatest players.

Please don’t try to argue that he could never be dominating in today’s game. That’s an anachronism and can’t be used in a valid argument. All you can do is look at his numbers, see how they compared to his day and see where they place him in NBA history. Elgin is one of those greats who never won a scoring title, and never won a Ring.  Two reasons: Chamberlin and the Celtics.

 Let’s just talk about Elgin now. In his 14-year career, he averaged 27.4 PPG, with 13.5 rebounds per game. At one time he held the NBA record for most points in a regular season game, and most points in a playoff game.  Lakers fans may remember that it was Elgin Baylor’s record of 71 points in a single game that Kobe Bryant broke in 2006 with his 81 point game. In that game, Elgin also had 25 rebounds. Yeah, yeah, I know, Chamberlin had 100 points in a game.

Elgin Baylor with.jpgIn 1958, Elgin was the overall #1 draft pick, signed by the Lakers for $20,000. As a rookie Elgin earned every penny, finishing the season 4th in scoring (24.9) and 3rd in rebounding (15)–leading the Lakers in assists with 4.1 per game. Between 1960 and 1963, Elgin averaged 35.7 ppg. In his career, he was named to the All Star team 11 times, and led the Lakers to the Finals eight times.  Unfortunately, we can only read and hear about what he did. There is not a whole lot of video that captures Elgin at the height of his greatness.  I don’t think there’s even video of his 71 point magic. Sad. I would love to see that game!

Imagine this, during the 61-62 season, Elgin and Jerry West averaged a combined 70 points, respectively 38.3 and 30.8.  In 62-63, Elgin was second in scoring with 34 ppg. In that same season, Elgin was the first player to finish in the top 5 in 4 categories–ppg, rpg, assists, free-throw %.  Even in his second to last season, Elgin came in a close second in scoring with 26 ppg (Dave Bing had 27.1 ppg). In his last full season, Elgin averaged 24.8 ppg.

elgin baylor color.jpgIn 1977, Elgin was elected to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He’s a man who didn’t do well enough academically to make it into college without a friend pulling some strings. He’s a man who served his country at Fort Lewis, Washington. He’s a man who is a basketball great, and one of Los Angeles’ greatest athletes. When I see the #22, I think of Mister Elgin Gay Baylor!

P.S., T.J (Simers) if you’re reading this, a discussion with Elgin Baylor and Maury Wills, two L.A. greats from the 1960s would nice. You’d get a lot of fans for that, both basketball and baseball. 



My Season Tickets went up 50%

My season tickets went up 50%.  I got my invoice some time ago but I have not responded.    I have also gotten a couple of calls from Dodger reps that have gone to voice mail.  I can’t deal with the calls right now.   I am not a happy camper with how the Dodger season went and what a bleak future we Dodger fans are facing with the pending divorce.   

It would be a different story had the Dodgers done better.  The Giants winning the World Series did not help.   Right now, well, I rather not talk to anyone from the Dodgers about renewing my season tickets.  

I should change my voice mail to something like “Sorry I am not available right now, I have

crawled under a rock.  I will be hibernating until I forget the Giants won the World Series or until the Dodgers get a new owner that will sign a legitimate number one pitcher and a left fielder and a third baseman.”   What do you think?      

I have gotten calls, emails from fellow season ticket holders asking me what I plan on doing.   I know they are not happy.   Some of the tickets are going up more than that now that the Dodgers will charge more for the first rows in a level so for some the increase will be more than 50%.     

I know my mood will pass and in the end I’ll give them my money.   I mentioned in my prior post that I am reading  “Eat Pray Love”.  I am at the eating part of the book where Elizabeth is in Italy.   Hanging out at a soccer game with friends, Elizabeth’s friend Lucas Spaghetti (She says that is his real name)  says to her

We can change our wives, We can change our jobs, our nationalities and even our religions, but we can never change our team.”   

Elizabeth also mentions that the word for “fan” in Italian is tifoso.  Derived from the word Typhus.  In other words_one who is mightly fevered.”    


Thanks to everyone that voted for me in Jane Heller 2010 She-Fan Video Award MLB Bloggie Award!   You are so sweeeet!   love you all!   I won!  thanks to you all!