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MLB Bloggers Fantasy League Standings. Good Luck Manny!

 Check out who has the best record in the MLB Bloggers fantasy league!   My LA Locos Azules.  


1 Larrapin Lou’s 116-68-6

2 Indianapolis… 101-79-10

3 Cincinnati Reds 88-94-8

4 Pittsburgh Peas 62-115-13

5 How ‘Bout Th… 61-117-12


1 Astros The B… 118-67-5

2 Rambling Ram… 98-82-10

3 Team chris-p… 96-85-9

4 Austin James… 95-85-10

5 Team FriarFa… 54-130-6


1 LA Locos Azules 134-47-9

2 Rays Renegade 123-59-8

3 Bay Area chr… 96-87-7

4 Team Diatribe 89-96-5

5 Braves World 79-98-13


1 Bob’s Boston… 102-78-10

2 Mets Main Ma… 96-88-6

3 TheMetsBlog … 81-96-13

4 Holly’s Iris… 74-104-12

5 Julia’s Ranters 47-135-8

Updated Sunday, August 29

 Cliff:  I wish you were in a separate division!.    


Good Luck Manny!

I’ll miss you Manny!   You gave us some thrilling moments at Dodger Stadium and on the road.  You seem like you maintained a good relation with your teamates and you were always nice with the fans.   Yes, you did not want to speak to the Media at the end but I don’t blame you after reading some from the LA Times.   

 Thanks for taking the time to take a picture with me and asking my brother if the picture came out OK.     Good luck with the White Sox!  I’ll be rooting for you to do well.  

BTW, what a way for Manny to have his last at-bat with the Dodgers!  He gets tossed after one swing in the sixth inning coming in as a pinch hitter. 

This Dylan reporting on Manny’s last at-bat  from Dylan Hernandez of the LA times  

In the aftermath of the loss, Torre said he was shocked by Ramirez’s ejection, which took place with the Dodgers trailing, 8-2.

The way Torre later recounted the story, a part of him was startled by how quickly Ramirez was ejected. A part was thinking about whom he would send to hit for Ramirez. And a part was upset at Ramirez, figuring he must have said something vile to home plate umpire Gary Cederstrom to be tossed.

After Ramirez’s replacement, Reed Johnson, grounded into an inning-ending double play, Torre said he went into the clubhouse to scold Ramirez. But Ramirez told him he never cursed at Cederstorm, an account Torre said the umpire later confirmed.

“I was very disappointed in the fact that [Cederstrom] threw him out because he said the pitch was outside and he was ‘demonstrative’ about it, quote, unquote,” Torre said. “What does that mean?”

Torre said he apologized to Ramirez.

Ramirez had nothing to say on the matter

Cederstom:  “demonstrative”  like in how we Latinos talk with our hands?   Please NMB,MLB  keep a closer look on umpiring!

 note;  LOL.  meant to say MLB instead of the NMB.  I was working on something for the company NMB.   .