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Dodger fans showed up in San Diego but team was MIA.

A lot of us Dodger fans went to San Diego but the Dodgers forgot to show up.   It was great running into lots of friends that I regularly see at Dodger Stadium.   But the team, well, they have lost four in a row. 

They scored one freaking run in two games and the run scored was because of an error!

Too much pre-celebration boys? You played like you still had a hang-over. Fine way to get ready for the playoffs.

I went over to the Big Wrecking Crew forum to see what was being said yesterday in the game thread. Here is some o f the comments:


The Dodgers are stinking it up so much their LOB average is shrinking.

To quote Bob Uecker, “One hit? One %$#()# hit!”

How ’bout Russell Martin? Guy is building a case where he will have to give money back at arbitration.

Can someone remind me again the reason we got Thome?

A comedy of errors. Bad news freaking bears.

Ya think the boys just wanna go home? It’s all over the faces and body language. Let’s just get this game done, take a day off.

Isn’t that what they have been doing since they went on this roadie?

I wonder if Ned can talk the Indians into dealing us Santana back for Martin? We may have to sweeten the pot, methinks

Maybe if we let them have Thome too?

….and Torre. I hear they need a manager.

…and Manny? He could finish his career where it started.

Geez, I am so glad the Padres traded Peavy, we would be in deep if we had to face him, next season.

The drama builds. will we be able to get a second hit in this game?????

Andre was 1 for 29 on the road trip? Good gravy.



What is this rally thing you speak of, Pastor?

Ah, that was fun! Five hits in two games. I hope these clowns enjoy their day off, they freakin’ well need it.

think we need the day off as much, if not more, than they do.


Colorado better lose tomorrow because I can’t see us winning a single game this weekend.

I wonder if McCourt will try to sell the champagne to Colorado?

Dodger fans:  I feel your pain.

Dodger players:  Try not to party as much as you did in San Diego so you can bring your A game to the stadium and clinch the NL West!

Colorado Rockies in town for the weekend starting Friday but first they are playing against Milwaukee today and currently winning  7-1.   

Question:  Does MLB have a players curfew?