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Baseball Dreams: What I am waiting for

It has been a while since I have updated my blog.  I got the Hilda award from the Baseball Reliquary since then.  I still got to post about that and then there was the trip to the SABR convention in Philadelphia.  That was so much fun that I am ready for the next convention in Houston.

I was telling myself “I should post today before I return to Dodger Stadium” when I received email of Mark Newman’s latest blog post http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com/2013/08/09/what-are-you-waiting-for/  He titled it  “Baseball Dreams: One fan’s ultimate wish list”   He listed all he is waiting for then asked us ‘What are we waiting for?”

Apparently I was waiting for Mark so here goes.

On this Friday, after the Dodgers last road trip of 7-1, I am waiting for their return!  I am waiting to see my boys against the Rays!  I am waiting to see Dodger Stadium again, my home away from home.  I am waiting to applaud my beloved Dodgers for a job well done on road.

I am waiting to hear Nancy Bea at the organ.  I am waiting to hear el locuaz Pepe Yniguez,  Fernando Valenzuela and el Maestro Jaime Jarrin who will be a grand marshal at the Ecuadorian parade on Sunday that will end at Olvera Street.

I am waiting for the clock to say 4 p.m. so that I can leave work and head to Dodger Stadium.

I am waiting to see Tony Jackson return today to cover the Dodgers.  He no longer has the long hair.

I am waiting to see the ushers like Burnie, Cynthia, Raissa, JD, Margarita, Ernest, Leonard, Valerie and so many more.   I am waiting to see Loui to see if we are still going to go see Howie sing Jazzsinatra songs next Friday night.

I am waiting to see my friends at OLOCR (Our Lady of Chavez Ravine)  I am waiting to see my friend Lorena!.   I am waiting to meet Tom Jackson who is making a trip to Dodger Stadium with his teenage daughters and his girlfriend.

I am waiting to see Jon SooHoo, Jill, Juan, Jessica, Polo.  I am waiting to see my other boys in Blue that no longer play the game but still work for the Dodgers.

I am waiting to hear Adrian’s Gonzalez’s at bat song “El Mariachi Loco” so that Alan, Marta and any other friends around us can dance along.  We believe it helps Adrian bat better 😉

I am waiting to see more sunsets at Dodger Stadium.

I am waiting to see Vin Scully and wish him a good night.  I am waiting for him to waive back and say in that so familiar tone “Good night”

I am waiting for the Think Cure weekend at Dodger Stadium and see what they have on the auction to help this great cause for the research of Cancer at City of Hope.

I am waiting for another road trip, this time to San Diego for the last Dodger games.  It is always a lot of fun to go see the Dodgers in San Diego.  I am waiting to see Ryu and Puig in their rookie hazing outfits.

I am waiting for October and playoffs.  It has been a while since we have seen the Dodgers in playoff games.  It has been longer (25 years) since we have seen them in a World Series.

It is a great time for Baseball for a lot of us fans with the Pirates playing well and in first place.  The Tigers and the Braves with a 10 game winning streak.  The Dodgers 8-2 in the last 10 games.  The Rangers 9-1 in the last 10 and going neck in neck with the Oakland A’s.

I am waiting for a fun October!

Haiku’s from game in Colorado

What a wonderful day yesterday with the Dodgers climbing out of the cellar, homer Bailey pitching a no-hitter against the Giants, and the Giants taking over the basement!

Here are some Haiku’s to commemorate yesterday’s performance:

With the Dodgers win
The Blue climbed out of last place
now Giants are last!

NL West

Red’s Homer Bailey
no-hit the slumping Giants
walking only one!

Two & a half out
of first place are the Dodgers
Dodger fans are smiling!

That Kid Yasiel Puig
A triple short of cycle
Puro Party Puig!

Did you see Puig’s catch?
In the warning track foul side?
Made it look easy!

Kid Clayton Kershaw
Threw a four hitter shutout
No less  in Coors Field!

Kid Kershaw walked none
While striking out eight Rockies
for his seventh win

Hanley’s hitting streak
extended to 13 games
We see you Hanley!

El Titan went deep!
for his 11th homerun
with a man on base

So now is game two
With Greinke against Chatswood
Go Dodgers!  Go Blue!

MLB NL Player of the Week in his first week: Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig had an unbelievable week! In his first week in the Majors, he batted .464 (13 for 28), hit four homeruns which included a grand slam, and got 10 RBI in the leadoff spot. Oh and what can we say of that cannon of an arm? It is just incredible! We don’t expect him to do that every week but what a joy to watch this 22 year old Cuban!

Yasiel Puig’s 13 hits through his first seven games are the most for any Dodger player since 1916. Even in the 8-1 Dodger loss to the Braves on Sunday he managed to go 3 for 5 and make another rocket throw from the outfield. I was at the stadium just saying “WOW!” “Amazing!”

The minute the Puig shirts were in the Dodger stores, people were buying them and you could see them everywhere at the stadium. The Puig jersey hit the store on Sunday or at least is when I saw them in the club level store. Puigmania is in full force at Dodger Stadium.

The prior MLB players of the week for both the American League and National League are

National LeagueApril 1-7
Clayton Kershaw, LA
April 8-14
Matt Harvey, NYM
April 15-21
Carlos Gomez, MIL
April 22-28
Russell Martin, PIT
April 29-May 5
Tim Hudson, ATL
May 6-12
Jean Segura, MIL
May 13-19
Joey Votto, CIN
May 20-26
Domonic Brown, PHI
May 27-June 2
Domonic Brown, PHI

American LeagueApril 1-7
Chris Davis, BAL
April 8-14
Prince Fielder, DET
April 15-21
Andrew Bailey, Mike Napoli, BOS
April 22-28
Josh Donaldson, OAK
April 29-May 5
Ryan Raburn, CLE
May 6-12
Evan Longoria, TB
May 13-19
Justin Masterson, CLE
May 20-26
Jason Castro, HOU
May 27-June 2
Chris Davis, BAL

And this week of June 3 to June 9 is Yasiel Puig!!!

WOO-HOO!! Congratulations Yasiel!

pictures by the great Jon Soo Hoo.

Fun Times have returned to Dodger Stadium

Oh is so much fun being at Dodger Stadium with Yasiel Puig there. I know we have to be cautious but the last two days have been fun fun fun with Cuban missile Yasiel Puig.

Monday 6/3/13 – I was so looking forward to his debut. He got two hits in the first game and in the 9th inning he used his powerful and accurate right arm to complete a game-ending double play, catching the San Diego Padres off guard in a 2-1 victory at Dodger Stadium. He sent us fans happy.

The catch


and the throw

Tuesday 6/4/13- What did he do for an uncore for this second start? He hit not one but TWO homeruns!  Here is Yasiel Puig showing off his two homerun balls.


We want to see more of these balls and this


and this


How sweet to see Quentin making the last out!  We dd not want to leave the stadium after the game so we hang around watching the highlights on the big screens THEN we exited the stadium.    Fun fun times at Dodger Stadium.  Let the party continue!  Clayton Kershaw on the mound tonight!

Good to see Randy of Let’s Talk Dodgers last night. We saw a heck of a game!

Dodger lineup:

Yssiel Puig RF

Schumaker 2B

Gonzales 1B

Ramirez SS

Ethier CF

Van Slyke RF

Uribe 3B

Federowicz C

Kershaw P


I can’t wait to leave work and head to Dodger Stadium! IS 5 o’ clock here yet?

pictures s by Jon SooHoo


Funny things happen to me. Dodgers at PNC. Puig to Rancho.

I went to the Little League game at San Bernardino.   I saw Oregon beat the Idaho team.   It was extremely hot but at one point there was a whirlwind that originated at first base. 

I enjoyed watching the kids and the crowd.  The kids put a lot of heart and enthusiasm into the game  and the crowd are very supportive of their team no matter what the score is.    

The plan was to watch the game and then head home to watch the Dodger game.  I did not know there was a second game.   Dodgers lost 7-3 .  We should have stayed to watch Petaluma & Hawaii but we watched part of the game on ESPN.     

Funny  thing happened  on the way home.  We were caught in a rain & lighting storm by some mountains there.  By the time I passed the storm I noticed a sign saying how many miles to Barstow.   I said “WAIT A MINUTE!  WE ARE APPROACHING VICTORVILLE”   I needed gas so I got off the freeway, got gas and took the I-15 the right way this time.    I travelled at least 50 miles extra.

Did I mention  before that I do Pilates at work three days a week?  We have an instructor come to work 3 days a week during lunch time.   Today after the session, I headed to the bathroom closest to the exercise room.  The two stalls were already taken so I changed close to one of the sinks.  I put the clothes I was going to wear close to the sink when OOPS! MY CLOTHES DROPPED INTO THE SINK AND THERE GOES THE AUTOMATIC FAUCET!    Too late, got my clothes wet!   I had to put my top like that as I was not going to wear my exercise top back to work.    

Dodgers at PNC for four games

Dodgers at PNC for four games.   Dodgers and Pirates are coming off wins.  Capuano had a great game yesterday against the Marlins where he took a no-hitter into the 7th.   Cappy got his 11th win on a 5-0 shutout.   Pirates scored 9 runs in the 4th off the Padres on four walks one error and six hits that included a grand slam. 

Yasiel Puig

The cuban Yasiel Puig is now close to Los Angeles!  He has been promoted to Rancho Cucamonga.   I see myself going to Rancho soon. 

Jerry Hairston Jr.  has been put on the DL and Herrera has been called back.  Good luck Jerry and welcome back Herrera.