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If Tim Wallach goes to the Red Sox how about..

Tim Wallach will be interviewing for the manager position with the Red Sox. 

Joo SooHoo picture

If Wallach  leaves how about the Dodgers offering Alex Cora the third base coaching position?   

I think Alex Cora would make a great third base coach.   He has a great baseball


From this article from Jonathan Mayo:


Other players in his position, nearing the end of a robust career and working to win a roster spot, might take a more me-first approach to Spring Training. Yet Cora has been tireless in his efforts to mentor young infielders like Jackson throughout the spring. It’s a pay-it-forward attitude that is very much appreciated by the mentees.

Having a coach on the field like Cora is a good thing for any manager, and perhaps an even bigger bonus for a rookie skipper like Matheny. In the short time they’ve been together this spring, Matheny already sees a future path for the veteran, one Cora’s older brother has already taken.

“That’s Alex’s makeup,” Matheny said. “I know it’s something our veterans have a desire to do, to help out our younger players and figure out how they can pass on some of the things they know. You can see he’s wired, he can be in this game for a long time instructing and teaching if he desires to do so once he’s done.”

Cora appreciates the kind words, but he doesn’t want to dwell on his coaching bona fides just yet. Perhaps it’s something that will come down the road, but it’s clear he’s not ready to talk about career changes just yet.

“I appreciate that, but the less I talk about [coaching], the better it is for Alex, the player,” Cora said. “I take it as a compliment, but I really don’t want to cross that line yet. I still want to play baseball. I still feel I can contribute.”

Is Alex Cora ready now?  


Wow!  I thought the Oakland A’s were done but they hit a walk-off to force another game so again tomorrow we will have four game!   I love baseball!   Let’s play four tomorrow again!  Loving the MLB PLAYOFFS!  

Go Reds!  Beat the Giants!

Adrian Gonzales debut as a Dodger, Vin Scully will be back next year! Yankees & Red Sox in 2013

Adrian Gonzalez Debut as a Dodger

“Looks like a another perfect day!  I love LA!”   That is how Saturday 8/25/2012 turned out to be!   Adrian Gonzalez was at the game in time to be in the lineup.  Adrian comes to his  first at bat as a Dodger with Mark Ellis and El Cochito Luis Cruz on.  Next thing you know Adrian goes

A three run homerun!   Welcome to Hollywood!  Welcome to LA Adrian! 


There were four BOOMS at the stadium:    Giancarlo Stanton for the Marlins.  Adrian Gonzalez, Mark Ellis and Andre Ethier for the Dodgers.  

Andre Ethier breaks record of Consecutive Hits  with 10 STRAIGHT HITS

Andre tied the LA record for Consecutive Hits of  nine set by Ron Cey.  Andre then broke that record with his 10 consecutive hit in the seventh inning.  He tied a Dodger record set in 1919 by first baseman Ed Konetchy.   In addition, Andre also was a triple short of a cycle.  Mark Ellis also was short of a cycle. 

KERSHAW gets win #12

Kershaw pitched a three hitter giving up two runs and striking out eight for his 12th win.  Final score:  Dodgers 8, Marlins 2. 


Could Saturday night get any better?   Well yes!   Vin Scully announced that he is coming back in 2013! 

It is Vin Scully Bobblehead Thursday August 30th when the Dodgers face the Arizona D’Backs. 

And come 2013, the Dodgers finally will go to Yankee Stadium!   The Red Sox will be coming to Dodger Stadium in August of 2013.

James Loney Appreciation Post

Lorena was reminding me of the time we went to see a Dodgers Spring Training game then after the game we headed to Las Vegas to watch the Dodgers play the next day against the Chicago Cubs.  At Holman Stadium, there was this Cubs fan  guy sitting in back of us saying “I hate Loney!”  He is a Cubs killer!”  

James Loney hit a grand slam off Ryan Dempster in the fifth inning. It gave the Dodgers a 4-2 lead.

Cubs center fielder Jim Edmonds watching James Loney’s grand slam in the fifth. It gave the Dodgers a 4-2 lead in Game 1 of their series

Video of signing the Loney song to Loney here  http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2011/03/21/follow-the-dodgers-from-la-to-az-to-nv/

My Loney has a first name is J A M E S  

My Loney has a second name is L O N E Y

Oh I love to see him every day and if you ask me why I say…

Cause Loney has a way with H I T T I N G

I was watching the first game with the Marlins from the Field level when a friend alerted me that James ‘s dad was sitting in our row in the late innings.  I headed upstairs to say hello to him and wish James Loney good luck thru him.  I had a little chat with him.  I am not going to repeat everything he said but basically he said that James probably needed a change.   Raissa is in the picture.  She used to be in the Loge area where the Dodger family sit. 

We saw James go out on the field at the conclusion of the game to celebrate with the team the win.  Afterwards his hand went to his face.  Got a little emotional then. 

I have followed these kids careers since the minor leagues.  I remember seeing James Loney at Vero Beach.   When a couple of guys from the ITD (InsidetheDodgers) blog (blog is no longer being updated) came up with the Loney Song, my friend Erik and I started signing it to him at Dodger events, at Dodger Stadium, at Spring Training, on road trips. 

showing James a picture Lorena took of James Loney’s dad and I in Fenway Park.

One of the best Dodger Caravans was at Panda Inn in Pasadena where the Dodgers were our waiters.   Lorena, Erik, a friend of Lorena and I had James Loney and Pepe Yniguez as our waiters although the person that brought us our food was Andre Ethier.   This was in 2008.  I remember James Loney asking us “Is there anything I can bring you guys?’  “Do you guys want a photograph, an autograph?”   We were just so happy to be there and having him as our waiter.  My picures ae stored elsewhere but here is a picture I found online

  Loney Friday night 8/24/2012.

Farewell James, thanks for the memories and being nice to us fans.  Play well, give your best!  No slacking off.

At  a Photo Day

At one of the Dodgers caravans

Thank you for your work in the community James!  Be good! 

Ref:  NewYorkTimes, Jon SooHoo.

Adrian Gonzalez, Crawford, Beckett, Punto could be Dodgers! Oh My!

My head is spinning with all the trade rumors and Dodgers moves. 

 I used to love seeing Adrian Gonzalez in San Diego and was sad to see him go to the Red Sox even if he hit well against the Dodgers.  

My twitter account was going crazy with:

The Dodgers were awarded a claim on Adrian Gonzales 

Adrian has a limited no trade clause but can’t block a move to the Dodgers

Dodgers claim Beckett

Red Sox working on deal that would send AGon, Crawford, Beckett and Punto to LA

Dodgers recalled outfielder/infielder Alex Castellano adn optioned Rubby De La Rose to AAA.

How did the entire NL pass on claiming Rubby???

De La Rosa claimed by Bluejays.  Sent down would be a PTBNL in RedSox deal

From GordonEdes:  Dodgers discussed in Red Sox deal:  De La Rosa, Loney, De Jesus, Sands and another top prospect. 

From Jaime Jarrin:  David Gonzalez, father of Adrian Gonzalez is happy of the possibility of having AGon back in California if Dodgers and Red Sox come to an agreement. 

In the meantime the Marlins are in town.  Ex-Dodger Eovaldi on the mound against Barbarroja Chad Billingsley. 

time to get ready to head to the Ravine.  My phone has been going crazy today!   It will be hard not to pick it up while I drive to the stadium as it keeps notifying me of more news.   

Update:  James Loney scratched from the original lineup.

Thinking Blue while Dodgers play Red Teams.

That was painful getting swept by the Angels.  But at least Sunday, I can see some players getting out of their slump like Manny, Raffy and Loney.  Now when Kemp, Ethier and the beared one join in, watch out!     

This picture was taken by Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo.  Thanks Jon for a wonderful shot! 

Weaver had to come and bat against Jerred.  Jerred in turn came to face Jeff.   Originally they were not supposed to face each other but with Monasterios failing to make it passed the 3rd, inning, in came in Jeff Weaver.  
Weaver vs Weaver.jpg

Now the Dodgers are on the road to face the Cincinnatti Reds for three and then is off to Boston!   Don’t look ahead to the Red Sox boys so play well in Cinci.    I’ll see you all in Boston!  Go Dodgers!

Honduras faces Chile tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM.  Buena suerte Hondurenos!  

Honduras-Chile preview


Red Sox tickets.jpgThree more days till my friends and I head to Boston!  I talked to Manny Sunday and told him that I hope he plays well in Boston.  He said “Si Dios quiere”   “Se lo dejo todo a Dios”   “God Willing”  “I leave everything to God” 

Here are our tickets and the Dodgers polo shirt that we got included in the Dodgerslife event.   

Think Blue!

Go Dodgers!




The Cactus League and AMY (Arizona Museum of Youth)

When we went to Mesa to watch the Cubs play against the Dodgers, the game got rainout. 

Spring Training 2010 rain at Hohokam Stadium.jpg

so what did we do?  We headed to the American Museum of Youth (AMY)  a few blocks away (Although we did not know it at the time so we took the long way there.  I think we took the freeway there :-)).

Spring 2010 AMY museum1.jpg 

The Cleveland Indians and the NY Giants were the first ones to set camp in Arizona.  Cleveland Indians owner Bill Veeck convinced NY Giants owner Horace Stoneham to also bring his team to Arizona.  Sounds kinda of Deja vu 

Spring 2010Museum 2.jpg

Did you know that in 1951 the New York Giants and the New York Yankees exchanged Spring Training facilities?   

Spring Amy Museum 3.jpg

The Red Sox also played in the Cactus League.  The price of the program in 1964?  50 cents.

Cactus League Red Sox program .jpg  


 Women Softball teams in the 40’s.  Why was this team called the Cantaloupes Queens?  Because they were sponsored by a Cantaloupe growers.  A young woman named  Rose played with the Queens.  Rose Mofford later became Arizona’s governor!

Spring  2010 AMY museum Girls softball team .jpg

Spring  2010 Rose Mofford.jpg

 Wish I had that 1988 World Series yellow  button when the Oakland A’s faced the Dodgers! Spring 2010 AMY museum .jpg 

The Cubbies who used to play Spring Training in Catalina Island before Mesa, Arizona

Spring AMY museum Cubs window .jpg 

Grapefruit signed by Sammy Sosa in 2007 and then freeze dried. 

Cactus league grapefruit signed.jpg

Chicago Cubs 1954 Spring Training program.  Cost: 15 Cents.  

Cactus League Cubs 1954 Spring Training Program .jpg 

Kids making baseball banners

AMY Arizona Museum of Youth.jpg 

We were glad that we found this museum close to Hohokam Stadium in Mesa!

2010 Road Trip! Going to Fenway Park ! !

I am going to Boston to watch my beloved Dodgers!!  Woohoo!

My friend LuvtheDodgers23 (Lore), her niece and I will be in Boston in mid June to cheer our beloved Dodgers!   We are doing the DodgerLife event!  

Thanks Lore for making the arrangements.  I will look into flights tonight!

Road Trip

 Hit the Road with the Dodgers in 2010!   The package include hotel, exclusive Dodgers brunch, game tickets to all three games, a tour of Fenway Park, and a Dodgers Road Trip Polo Shirt. 

I have been to Fenway once when after a business trip in N.H., I stayed in Boston on a Friday night so that I could see Fenway Park.  I saw the Tigers that Friday night.   I wrote about it here in a too long post.   http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/06/my_trip_to_fenway_park_82605_a.html

Funny that when I was in Toronto for a few days taking a class, I happen to catch the Red Sox at Roger Centre.  Again, I made the trip by myself to catch me a game.    

I can’t wait!  

Ok, on to look for flights.  


Pirates, Magic Numbers, Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers, Oh My!

A free grilled Dodger Dog, hanging out with friends at Dodger Stadium and a Dodger WIN!  What could be better!   

Dodgers won the opener with the Pirates 6-2! 

Magic number is now 14.  I always think of a Dodger player when I look at number so here is one of my favorite Dodgers back when:



Today is Blanket night!   This is what it looks like


Today is Honduras Independence Day!  Some of you might know that I was born in Hondura.s 

Today is also Nicaragua Independence Day!   Happy Independence  to Nicaraguan Vicente Padilla. 

Tomorrow is Mexico Indepedence Day!   It is also a day game at Dodger Stadium with Manny’s bbh.

Happy Independence to Mexico and to all my Mexican friends and friends that have Mexican heritage.    

Happy Independence to Fernando Valenzuela, Pepe Yniquez, Juan Castro and also to Andre Ethier because of his Mexican heritage. 

I’ll leave you with this video from Andre Ethier’s Carne Asada day.   It has Mexican music and Andre says a few things about his Mexican heritage. 


Oh My!  there so many cool videos there.  Andre! You got me hungry with the one at L.A. Live!   That macaroni with trufles and three kind of cheeses sounds outstanding. 

Super exited about the 2010 MLB schedule!    Dodgers get the Yankees at Dodger Stadium and they get to go to Fenway Park.   This is how the interleague schedule looks like

3 vs DET: May 21-23
3 in ANA: June 11-13
3 vs. ANA: June 22-24
3 in BOS: June 18-20
3 vs. NYA: June 25-27

I smelled a road trip to Fenway!   I need work to send to New Hampshire during that week in June and then I can stay in Boston for the Dodger series!