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Pitchers and Catchers Report

Pitchers and Catchers Report.  What Do these beautiful four words mean?

I asked Pepe Yniguez (Dodger Spanish Broadcaster for the last 18 years) what does it mean to him “Pitchers and Catchers report” He said “To me it means that It’s time for Dodger Baseball! That the 2015 season is around First Base”

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To me it marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.   It means palm trees and the sound of batted baseballs. It means sun screens.  It means mornings of hearing from beat writers about workouts on dewy grass outfields.  It means batting cages and practice mounds.  It means we finally will start getting baseball news everyday!

Getting daily baseball news about Pitchers and Catchers reporting brings me such freshets of pleasure.

We baseball fans await with much anticipation baseball news and that special sense of the upcoming season that feed our eternal hopes every Spring.   We  soak-up all the quotes from our  grizzled Pitchers and Catchers.

I can more or less go into a cave during the Winter but I come out all giddy with excitement when I hear those words “Pitchers and Catcher report.”

Koufax back in his element with Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw with Sandy Koufax.(AP photo)

 Mike Scioscia with Roy Campanella.  Pic by Jon SooHoo.

Baseball Boogie video

Dodgers lost two games now so I thought that instead of dwelling on the losses, I’ll post something for fun. 

 I saw this video last year and I thought it was hilarious.   It is funny wathing it  all over again. You can see Orel Hershiser, Rick Honeycutt, Mike Scioscia, Bobby Welch, Pedro Guerrero, Mariano Duncan and other players.   Now at the beginning of the youtube it gives a list of players that participated but I did not see Fernando Valenzuela on the video. 

Mariano:  Can I borrow the pink jacket for the 80’s night at the stadium :-)?  

Any ideas on how I should dressed for 80’s fireworks night?  Is Friday June 5th.  Nothing too crazy OK :-)?  Thanks!