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Keeping Score in the Top Deck at Dodger Stadium

This is Jeanine’s scorebook for 2011.   Every year she makes a scorebook for the entire season.  this year she is featuring us in her scorebook cover!   Jeanine is the one under the words “Stadium.”   Thanks Jeanine!

Jeanine's scorebook.jpg

During last Summer, Kris Erskine of the LA Times wrote an article saying that hardly anyone keeps score these days.   Jeanine took this picture and invited Kris to come by to the Top Deck anytime he wants.   I had also read the article and I sent Kris an email inviting him to come and see that there are still fans that do keep score.     

There are more fans that keep score in our section like Ray and Ray Junior.  They sit in the row infront of me.  I can always count on them if I happen to miss a play.  

Summer 2010 Ray and Ray Junior keeping score.jpg  

This young lady sits a few rows infront of Ray & Ray Jr.  She has season tickets with her mom

Lady keeping score.jpg   

I took the picture because I thought it was so cute that father and daughter were keeping score.  

Father and daughter keeping score at Dodger Stadium .jpg

This boy was sitting in the same row I sit.   He looks very serious keeping score.  

boy keeping score Top Deck Dodger Stadium.jpg


All pictures from the Top Deck section 3.  

By the time the season starts, I’ll be ready with scorebook on hand to continue with the tradition.   March 31st can’t get here soon enough.