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Dodgers Select a Seat Open House and SABR Day.

Checking back at the Dodger Open House last year http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2011/01/27/dodgers-select-a-seat-open-house-and-sabr-day/ it coincided with SABR Day.  This year again Dodgers Open House coincides with SABR day (Saturday 1/28/2012)  so why not have it at Dodger Stadium?  

The Dodgers annual Select a Seat, an event for season ticket holders,  started Thursday 1/26/2012  and it will conclude with the Open House on Saturday 1/28/2012.   It is our first chance to have a Dodger dog at the stadium.  Don’t they just taste better at the Stadium.   The Dodgers sent us this picture of the sunrise at Dodger Stadium:


Although I was not feeling well, It was great seeing my Dodger fan friends there like William (Deuce’s dad), Dee, Sylvia and Jeanine to name a few.    Also Darryl and Leslie who recently became season ticket holders.  Jeanine and I met Darryl at the SABR Fall AFL conference.  Darryl said that we convinced him to get season tickets.  Welcome to the Dodger fan family Darryl & Leslie.   Other friends like Lorena, Rosie and Rene will go to tomorrow.  Will miss them. 

SABR Day Saturday 1/28/2012.  I was going to the SABR website at http://sabr.org/ when I ran into this picture!  haha, that is me chatting with yes, SABR members, the most knowledgeable baseball fans.  Down below in a Tiger hat is Max, another very knowledgeable fan. 

If you can make it go SABR Day.  There are many locations that are hosting SABR Day from Washington to Vermont to Toronto, to Puerto Rico.  For more information go to  http://sabr.org/sabrday:

SABR Day is an annual event that brings together SABR members and friends on the same day, regardless of where they live. The third annual SABR Day will be held on January 28, 2012. Regional SABR meetings are open to all baseball fans — though we encourage you to join SABR if you like what you find — and are usually free to attend. Guest speakers often include current and former baseball players, managers, umpires, executives, scouts, writers and authors.

In Seattle, SABR Day will be held in conjuction with the Mariners FanFest.  In Minneapolis, the chapter will participate with the TwinsFest.    in Arizona it will be at Tempe Diablo Stadium, in New York at the New York Public library.   Check the site for more information.  I counted 39 locations.  

Looking forward to the event at La Habra library.  I have never been to this library and I love visiting new libraries!   From SABR:

Former Milwaukee Braves All-Star catcher Del Crandall will be joining us for SABR Day at the La Habra Library. High school coach Eddie Alvarez will speak and Eric Dearborn will present photographs of final games at various ballparks. Authors Daryl Grigsby (“Celebrating Ourselves: African-Americans and the Promise of Baseball”) and Ron Selter (on .400 hitters) will also speak. 

(note to me:  grr…second time Ido this post as I lost my original post).

Dodgers Select A Seat, Open House and SABR Day

Later on this morning is my Select A Seat appointment at Dodger Stadium.    Is my first time to taste a Dodger dog for 2011 and see the Dodger friends that I have not seen since the season ended.    

I would have gone to Saturday’s Dodger Stadium Open House but I am already committed to the SABR Day on Saturday.   

From the SABR link below:

SABR Day 2011 takes place on Saturday, January 29. The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) is a member-driven nonprofit organization made up of nearly 7,000 members who are fans of baseball and its rich and varied history. Although a sizable portion (about 10%) of the membership comes together for SABR’s national convention each year, with 55 chapters scattered through the US (as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Japan), it would impossible to gather the entire SABR community in one place at one time. Our alternative solution is to have as many members as possible come together on the same day–regardless of where they live. On our first SABR Day in 2010, more than 700 SABR members from 37 chapters got together at 34 separate meetings across North America.

Below is a list of chapter and chartered community events already scheduled for SABR Day 2011. Be sure to check back often as more chapters finalize their plans. Whether or not you’re a member of SABR, you’re invited to attend a SABR Day 2011 event and be a part of a community of dedicated fans of the greatest game around.


The one in Boston is at Fenway Park and a couple of them at the MLB team Fanfest.  Wish the one in the LA area was at Dodger Stadium but is at Ervine, CA.