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My latest Rant at Dodger Stadium.

This the hat that i wore for the past couple of years to Viva Los Dodgers and for Cinco de Mayo celebrations.   This picture is from last year’s Viva Los Dodgers event.    

Esta es mi Ciudad with Fernando.jpg

Last night I was told I could not enter the stadium with the hat.  I said they should have made an announcement that the rules have been changed.  A lot of people take the shuttle to the stadium so they don’t have a car close by.    Since I was there early for BP and had entered thru the field level,  I asked if there was a way that I or they could take it upstairs to the Top Deck security since it was easier to exit there after the game.  They said no.   

Another thing is, they do not let fans  come down to the field level.  You have to walk outside and then go around to come back to the field level.  

After I entered the stadium, I spotted ten  different fans with sombreros so what is up with that?   Not everyone knew the “new rules”?  or what some of my friends and I have noticed lately when arrriving early for BP that there is a new trend having different rules for different fans (a rant for another time)   

I was going to post the pictures of the fans I saw with sombreros but I don’t have the camera cable with me right now.        

But look, even Tommy used to wear a sombrero back in the old days.  Here he is with Fernando.  nice picture ha?   

Tommy with a guitar and Fernando.jpg 

So first on Opening Day, head of security in the field level objected to my bag that said “Hilda is Here!”  done to honor the Brooklyn days of Dodger faitfhful Hilda Chester.  And they also objected to my friend Erik’s bag,  who was dressed as the Brooklyn Dodger bum and carried a shoulder bag that said “This IS the Year!”  See post here Emma and Erik dressed as Hilda Chester and the Brooklyn Dodger bum   but here is a picture

Erik and I as the Brooklyn Bum and Hilda Chester.jpg 

I wanted to go talk to someone from the Fan Services, so I went to where they always have been,  club level close to the escalator.    I was told it was moved to the other side of the club level, the right field side level by the club level restaurant.  so I walked there and was told no, but that they have them at every level this year. 

So up I went to the Reserved,

and walked to the Left field side (I was told aisle 39).  No-one there on that window.  By this time I was already tired and hungry so up I went to my Top Deck seat to eat and prepare my scorebook to watch the game.    

Worst part of the last two days:   The Dodgers have given up 22 RUNS!  22 RUNS!    This was wtih Kershaw on the mound on Tuesday and Billingsley on Wednesday. Can anyone besides Kuroda pitch for this team????   

Let’s see what tonight brings with right-hander John Ely, making his second career start 

It could be Ely’s last start  for some time with reliever Jeff Weaver expected to return from the disabled list before Friday’s game against the Rockies.