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Dodgers: Be the first MLB team in the US to have a Jackie Robinson statue

I received an email from SABR Chapter titled “Statues” What an incredible work this is! Here is part of what the email said:

World’s first database of baseball’s statues compiled by UK researchers

The first ever database of statues commemorating baseball’s biggest stars has been compiled by researchers from the University of Sheffield, UK.

From ballparks to sports bars, museums to city squares and schools to cemeteries, life-size bronze depictions of men, women and children enjoying the national pastime can be found all across the US and Canada.

The striking database, at http://www.sportingstatues.com, records over 200 baseball statues currently across the continent, featuring information on when the statues were unveiled, who sculpted them and the inscriptions on plinths or plaques, as well as images of each statue and links to location maps. 35 US states feature a baseball statue, with 70 per cent of statues located at or close to a major or minor league ballpark.

Dr Chris Stride, a statistician from the Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield and Ffion Thomas, a graduate student from the University of Central Lancashire, have worked on the project for the past 18 months.

Checking the website, Jackie Robinsoon has been commemorated in five states and Canada with seven statues, the most of any player.

Robinson, Jackie 27/4/1985 Ellis, Richard Jackie Robinson Stadium, UCLA, CA

Jackie Robinson statue, Olympic Stadium

Robinson, Jackie 16/5/1987 Lasalle, Jules Parc Olympique, Montreal, Canada

Robinson, Jackie 15/9/1990 Lasalle, Jules Jackie Robinson Ballpark, Daytona, FL

Robinson, Jackie 25/2/1998 Wagner, Susan Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ

Robinson, Jackie 15/10/1999 Jeffries, Maceo Jackie Robinson Memorial Park, Stamford, CT

Robinson, Jackie 1/11/2005 Behrends, William Brooklyn Cyclones, Cyclone Park, Brooklyn, NY

Robinson, Jackie 1/11/2008 Bleifeld, Stanley National Baseball HOF Museum, Cooperstown, NY

I have only seen two of these statues, the one at UCLA and the one in Brooklyn.    I hope someday to see the rest and that some day the Dodgers will have one at Dodger Stadium.

This awesome site also has a interactive map.  Check out the website.  I know I will be back to check more statues.

ref: http://www.sportingstatues.com,