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Baseball Prospectus event at Dodger Stadium. Logan White Videos

I was so looking forward to attending the Baseball Prospectus event at Dodger Stadium.  Vin Scully was the first speaker.   I video taped Vin with my flip but I have not upload that one  since that would take a little longer.    What I did upload first was the short videos with Logan White.  Apologies that I could not video tape the entire Logan White part.  I had used most of the time left in the Flip for Vin Scully.     

Here is the first of part of Logan White:

Here is the second part of Logan White video taped:

Thank you so much to everyone at Baseball Prospectus that put this  event together at Dodger Stadium!  Thank you to Joe Hamrahi, Vin Scully, Dan Evans, Logan White and Steve Garvey.  I had a wonderful time!

Happy 64th Birthday Ron Cey

Today February 15th is Ron Cey’s 64th birthday.   I was looking for a picture of the Penguin and I but I could not find any.  I’ve taken pictures of him with other players but not of him by himself and I could not find one with me.  I know somewhere I do have some.  I need to organize my pictures.  

Here is a picture of Ron Cey with his kids. 


And here he is two years ago with Vin Scully and Tommy Lasorda:


Here is a picture I took July 2010 at the Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game.  I was invited by Mike who also has season tickets in my section.  


a while ago here http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2010/11/11/third-base-has-been-very-very-cold-to-the-dodgers/ I wrote a post saying that Ron Cey never won a gold glove, not because he did not deserve one but he played during Mike Schmidt tenure.  So here is a glove for you Ron!  Is not gold but is chocolate!

Happy Birthday Penguin!  

note:  MLB TV announced they will televise for the first time, two Urban League baseball games this Saturday.

Photos from Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game to benefit ALS.

I way behind posting these pictures from the Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball Classic to benefit ALS. 

Thank you Mike for inviting Vic and I for this event.  A group of us made the trip after the Dodger game to Pepperdine in Malibu for this event.   The traffic was a little heavy but the ride on PCH is beautiful.   

Here is the booklet which many of us had Steve Garvey signed:

stevegarvey celebrity softball game for ALS.jpg  

 I did not see Tommy Lasorda but he could have been there early for the Festival, we got there about 5:30.  It looked like it was a fun festival.  I also missed the auction that they had during the festival.  

Some of my pictures did not come out but here are some pictures

Here is Steve Garvey batting in full uniform.  His son is there ready to run for him.    

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game .jpg 

Jose Canseco practicing his swing as Maury Wills looks on.

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 014.jpg 

 Pete Rose with someone wearing a Hollywood Stars jersey:

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 020.jpg

  Jay Johnstone, Maury Wills, Bill Russell, Ron Cey, Jerry Reuss

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 011.jpg

3/4 of the longest playing infield


Gilbert, Mike and I looking on.   

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 039.jpg

My brother Vic with CSI star Omar Miller.  He was very friendly.   . 

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 041.jpg

Jose Canseco, Jennine and I 
Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 044.jpg

Mike and Jennine with Bill Russell

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 045.jpg

Jennine and Garvey :

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 047.jpg 

Mike, Steve Garvey and I.   I told Garvey that he looked like he could still play.  He said “Oh you are so kind, thank you. ”  

Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game 053.jpg 

Thanks again Mike for the invite!  It was a great event for a great cause!