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Happy 12-12-12 Three LA Dodgers wearing #12

We will never see another day like this in our lifetime. It’s the century’s last sequential date.

In honor of LA Dodgers wearing # 12.

Tommy Davis

Tommy Davis

Tommy is always very nice at the Stadium or anywhere he is representing the Dodgers.

Dusty Baker

Dusty Baker

I used to sit in “Bakersfield” back in Dusty’s playing days. We used to throw gum to him when he took his spot in Left Field. Dusty and a bat boy would pick up the gum. Dusty would pick up the gums and acknoledge us fans. Fun days.

Jeff Kent

For us women that took the Women Baseball clinics with Jeff Kent, we got to know what a nice guy he was. He just put a grouchy face with the media but to us fans he was nice. He was very patience during -what was it 5 years of Women Baseball clinics_ teaching us how to pick up ground balls, teaching us baseball terms, catching us in the bullpen and giving us suggestions how to throw the ball and overall clowning around there.

So enjoy the date 12/12/12. We wont see it in our lifetime again.

Wes Parker Video at SABR 41 in Long Beach, CA

Greetings everyone!   I have not been able to load my pictures from my trip to Minnesota & also from the SABR41 convention.  But I have this video of Wes Parker when we caught him outside one of the sessions.    I love Wes Parker’s   love for the game. 

I had such a great time at the convention.   Everyone was so nice and friendly.   Love the fangraph group, loved talking to lots of people there.   I bought some great books.   I love the volunteering, going to the tour of old baseball ballparks in LA.   Never knew that there was a ballpark in Vernon so close to where the Farmer John company is.   Loved listening to Rob Neyer, Dennis Gilbert, Al Ferrara, Tommy Davis,  Francisco Balderrama, oh just everyone! 

Loved going back to Dodger Stadium with the group & going to my first trip to see the Storms against the Visalia Rawhides.  Did you know that  the Rawhides is locally-owned and operated by Tom and his cousin, Kevin O’Malley?   Tom’s grandfather was the legendary Walter O’Malley. 

SABR41 was a great experience and I made some  wonderful friends like Abby& Kent in this picture:


 I need to go to Minnesota next year where SABR42 will be held.   Also SABR43 will be in Philadelphia!  

Enjoy the video 

7/25/11.  It worked embedding the video!   

Video by me.  pic by Maxwell Kates

Ball Four Turns Forty event

The “Ball Four Turns Forty” event sponsored by the Baseball Reliquary at Burbank library was so much fun.  The event went from 11: AM to 5:P.M.  By the time we broke for lunch at 12:30 I knew I made the right decision to go to this event and skip the Dodger game.  

Here is the panel of Jean Hastings Ardell, David Kipen, Ron Shelton, David Davis and Jim Bouton. 

Ball Four turns forty event 016.jpg

Wish I had taken my copy of Bull Durham so Ron Shelton could have signed it. 

Ball Four turns forty event 018.jpg

Here are panel taking questions from attendees.  Unfortunately the time was alredy 12:30 so the guy in the yellow shirt was the last one asking question.  The lady in the green shirt is my friend Jeanine

Ball Four turns forty event 017.jpg

I went to lunch with Roberto of VinScullyismyhomeboy.com and with friend Jeanine.   Time flew by that we were late coming back but we found single seats in the end.

All copies of “Bal Four The final Pitch” were sold out by the time we came back from lunch so Roberto and I were glad that we bought our copy before we left for lunch.  Jeanine had brought her old copy but she bought another book about the minor league by Jim Bouton.  While Jim was signing the book I was checking his Yankee ring.   He wrote in my book “For Emma- “Smoke them inside”  Jim Bouton.   

Ball Four turns forty event 020.jpg

The documentary “the Seattle Pilots: Short Flight into History was great that alot of us bought the dvd.  I knew very little about the Seattle Pilots.   I found documentary facinating.. 

After the documentary, the second panel discussion consisted of Jim Bouton, Tommy Davis, Greg Goossen, Charles Kapner who loaned his Seattle PIlot memorabilia for the exhibit, Steve Cox and Brad Powers who were presenting the documentary.  

Ball Four turns forty event 021.jpg

Jim said that he has only read 20 books in his life!   I think it was David Davis, the moderator that said  “I think the Burbank librarian just fainted!”


Here is Greg Goossen.   He is a local boy from Sherman Oaks, Ca.    

Ball Four turns forty event 022.jpg  

 Here is a  Greg Goosssen and Tommy Davis when they played for the Seattle Pilots.

Ball Four turns forty event 025.jpg 

 The Seattle Pilots schedule from 1969.  They only lasted one season as they became the Milwaukeee Brewers  the following year.    

Seattle Pilots 1969 schedule jpg 


Dodgers draw first blood in NLDS series, beat Cardinals 5-3 at Dodger Stadium!

Lost my post.  booh to that 😦

Dodgers draw first blood in the NLDS series and beat the Cardinals 5-3!  How about that?!!!!!!

Between both teams they left an NLDS record of 30 men on base!   Vin Scully said “They don’t need infielders, they need ushers!”.   

Vin Scully:  I love you!    As an added treat during the postseason, we get Vinny during the last three innings in addition to the first three innings he does on the radio during regular season.   It does not getter than watching a game at the stadium and hearing Vinny on the radio.

While I was walking in the parking lot, I was talking with these two young guys about the starting times of two games and how he could not make that 3:07 game on Thursday.  He then looks at me and says “Hey, you have a blog.”    “I read it every once in a while, well, i mainly look at the pictures.”   LOL   Too funny.   Here is a picture of Alex and Danny.   

Thumbnail image for oct 09 031.jpg

 On Friday I was going to meet poster Truebluewill who posts in the Insidethedodgers blog.  He was making his dream a reality of watching the boys in Blue in the postseason.  

After much going back and forth, I was able to find him at his seat.  He said he was collecting autographs earlier.  I then noticed Vic the Brick was signing autographs (you can’t miss this guy with a Dodger poncho, long hair and a long stick that makes him look like Moses),     Anyway, I was asking him if he wanted me to take a pic of Vic and him when I noticed Maury Wills was signing there too.   We got there and I helped him get the autograph!  woohoo!   I only wished Maury a Happy belated birthday.   He did not stay long as he and Tommy Davis were throwing the first ball.  

Here is a pic of TBW waiting for the augraph. 

 oct 09 043.jpg

Here is TBW 

oct 09 044.jpg


Another poster from ITD that I was meeting for the first time, Scott and his son.  They are both cute. 

oct 09 047.jpg 

It was a pleasure meeting you guys!!


Well, It is 11:12 AM and I got to still take a shower, pick up a friend and head to the stadium.   I wanted to say more but Alex only looks a pictures.  LOL.