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Meet the New Dodgers. USC & UCLA game

There are so many changes with the Dodgers that I need a scorecard to keep track.

Meet the Scouts:

The Dodgers essentially acquired the international scouting staff from the Seattle Martiners

Bob Engle as vice president of international scouting.  Pedro Avila, Gene Grimaldi, Patrick Guerrero, Pat Kelly, Jamey Storvick and Mike Tosar.

Also professional scouts: Willie Fraser and Scott Groot

Former Dodgers third baseman Bill Mueller, who served as special assistant, player personnel, will become a full-time professional scout.

senior advisor Gerry Hunsicker, special assistant Pat Corrales

Josh Bard as special assistant, player personnel

hitting coach Mark McGwire.

John Valentin will be promoted from Triple-A hitting coach to assistant big league hitting coach

bullpen coach Ken Howell will become assistant pitching coach to Rick Honeycutt

Double-A pitching coach Chuck Crim will be promoted to Major League bullpen coach.

The current Managers and Coaches:

The Current Managers and Coaches
# Name Position
88 Don Mattingly Manager
Mark McGwire Batting Coach
John Valentin Assistant Hitting Coach
40 Rick Honeycutt Pitching Coach
Ken Howell Assistant Pitching Coach
15 Davey Lopes First Base Coach
26 Tim Wallach Third Base Coach
45 Trey Hillman Bench Coach
Chuck Crim Bullpen Coach
85 Rob Flippo Bullpen Catcher
11 Manny Mota Coach
7 Steve Yeager Catching Coach
Josh Bard Special Assistant
Mickey Hatcher Special Assistant
# Name Position
Pat Corrales Special Assistant to the General Manager
Willie Fraser Scout
Scott Groot Scout
Bill Mueller Scout
Sue Falsone Head Athletic Trainer
Bruce Hines Field Director
Travis Barbary Coordinator, Catching
Rafael Chaves Coordinator, Pitching
Damon Mashore Coordinator, Baserunning
Eric Owens Coordinator, Hitting
Jody Reed Coordinator, Defensive
Stan Conte Director of Medical Services

Dodgers also won the bid for Korean left-handed pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin.

The roster is going to be interesting.

USC & UCLA Football game:

I like this picture of Mark McGwire and Eric Karros that Jon SooHoo took.   Mark went to USC (so did Jon SooHoo) and Eric went to UCLA

Tomorrow is the annual USC & UCLA game.  May the best team win!

Matt Kemp’s days till Opening Day at Dodger Stadium & Clayton Kershaw’s day till Opening Day at Petco Park

Our Double K of trouble for the opposition!   There are Matt Kemp (27) days till the Dodgers Opening Day at Dodger Stadium

and Clayton Kershaw (22) days till Opening Day at Petco Park 

WOOHOOO!!!   Can’t wait.  In the meantime I went to see UCLA play USC at Dodger Stadium last night.  Here are the 2012 pocket schedules we picked last night at Dodger Stadium. 

Look at the upcoming promotion for Mother’s Day!  An Andre Ethier bag

I had a great time sitting with Dee, Kevin, Ernest & Arturo.  Arturo in the USC sweatshirt. Kevin is the one behind the green hat & Ernest with his Dodger hat. 

Tough road trip but the boys are back in town!

Dodgers have played 21 games.  Two road trips and one home stand.  This last road trip was a tough one where they went 2-7 against the Reds, Nationals and the Mets.   They got swept by the Mets.   

I felt bad for the Dodger fans that went to see them on the road.   My new neighbors to the right of me in the Top Deck went to see them to Washington DC.   ITD (InsidetheDodgers) blogmates Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill who live in New York, went to see the doubleheader.

Thanks Brian for the picture and for letting me know how to put them together!  Truebluewill, crzblue and oldbrooklynfan. 


Say hello to our Dodger fans in New York if you run into them. 

Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!  Maybe some home cooking will do you good and being back at Our Magic Castle that is Our Lady of Chavez Ravine, Dodger Stadium!

Young Clayton Kershaw (1-0 3:13)on the mound against Pirate Brian Burres (0-1 9.31).     

USC Night and hat giveway tonight to the first 20K fans 

UCLA Night and hat giveway Friday night to the first 20K fans.   

Bluetopia pic5.jpg
Oh and Matt Kemp:   You know we Dodger fans love you!  You have been great with us.  My friends and I appreciate your hussle, how the kids that run the bases imitate you as you are jumping up and down while waiting to take the field.  It looks like you can’t wait for the game to start.  You have been nice to us during BP, at events like Caravans, the Bluetopia premiere.   We LOVE YOU!!!   



Dodger Pitchers and Catchers and then some have reported!

Happy New Season everyone!   Pitchers and Catchers have reported!!  Woohoo!!!

Now is a new count!   11 day and 20 hours before the first Spring Training game!

Yesterday I was going to go to MLB Urban Youth Academy in Compton but I got sick :-(.   Southern University (Baton Rouge, La) was playing against my sister college Cal State Northridge.  And in the second game  Bethune-Cookman University was playing against UCLA.   Anyone catch the games on MLB Network? 

Rod Carew, Don Newcombe and Frank Robinson threw out the first pitches. 


Today it will be

1 p.m.: Cal State Northridge vs. UCLA
2 p.m.: Southern University vs. Bethune-Cookman

Yesterday it was a beautiful day and today is still a beautiful day after rains last night and this morning.  

Here is a picture from Jon Soo Hoo.  His caption:  What awaits the Dodgers at the end of the rainbow this season?    

Here is another pic:   “Catchers and Catchers reporting”   Russell Martin and Brad Ausmus are looking good!!!!   I LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you Jon!  You are the best!!


So this transplanted Red Sox fan at work wanted to bet me that Manny will show up late to Spring Training.  Guess what?  He is already reported so come Monday I will collect on the bet!!


The pitcher that is late reporting is Ron Belisario as he again has trouble with his visa.    

Happy P&C Day!  Happy Sunday!  

Feliz dia de los Reyes. R.I.P Rory Markas


My Christmas tree and the Christmas stockings are still hung. See, my grandmother’s tradition was to not remove the Christmas tree until after January 6th. That is the day that the Three Wise Men arrived to see Jesus.   Well, I started the tradition of opening the Christmas stockins on January 6th.a few years back.   In part it was because I still had my Christmas tree up.     One of my Christmas stockings is a Dodger Christmas stocking.

In some parts of Mexico and some other Latin American countries, they open their presents on Dia de los Reyes.   the presents are put inside the kid’s shoes left under the bed.   Prior to the day the kids write their letter to the Three Wise Men.  In Mexico City, they attach the letter to a helium baloon.   Some kids even leave water and hay for the camels that carry the three Wise Men.

On this day also  you can also eat the “Rosca de Reyes” which is a wreath made of sweet bread with yeast,, dry fruit, anise and cinammon.  . Inside the rosca, you will find a little baby doll. It represents baby Jesus but whoever gets the little baby has to host a party on February 2nd _Candle day.

tiny plastic baby Jesus figure are concealed in the dough, symbolizing the hiding of the infant Jesus from King Herod’s troops.

Here is a picture of a rosca de reyes.   .

 Rest in peace Rory Markas.   Rory was a local boy, born here in Chatsworth where I work.  He went to  Chatsworth High, LA Valley College and Cal State Northridge.  When I saw that he lived in Palmdale, I was Palmdale?   that is about 90 miles to Anaheim.

Rory Markas spent 8 seasons with the Angels.   Markas also did broadcasts for the Milwaukee Brewers,  Los Angeles Clippers, USC men’s basketball and Pacific Coast League baseball.

In late 2008, Markas underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain on Nov 1, 2008.   I found this quote he made last year prior to calling the Angels first playoff game:

“Yesterday I happened to turn on the radio and Vin [Scully] was doing the early innings of the Dodger game,  When I heard his voice I said, ‘God, what a treasure this guy has been my whole life.’ I just appreciated what he’s doing, the standard he sets and hope I can do that just a little. I think I get a little more sentimental these days.”

Rest in peace Rory.