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Meet rookie Ron Belisario

The early rookie hazing is courtesy of Ohman.   Meet our rooks:  The one on the left is lefty Brent Leach, the one on the right is righty Ron Belisario. Belly (Belisario_ has been in more games than any other pitcher.  Currently he has a 2.30 ERA with 15 BB and 30 K’s.  

player photo


Belisario was born in Venezuela on December 31, 1982 so he is 26.  

He signed a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training with the Dodgers for 2009. He was late in showing up for spring training because of some visa problems in his home country, so didn’t get a chance to really compete until late in the spring. However, he pitched well in the last few spring training games and was added to the Dodgers opening day roster.  Belly  made his Major League debut on April 7 working one scoreless inning as a relief pitcher against the Padres. 

He has put in his time in the minors, making over 150 appearances. He began his time as a starting pitcher in the Florida Marlins organization, where he signed 10 years ago. He was sidelined for the entire 2005-06 seasons while recovering from Tommy John surgery.

His past two seasons have been spent in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, mainly pitching in Double-A Altoona, where his ERA was above 4.00.

Belisario told MLB.com about his recent improvement and success, citing that, “The big difference is using the two-seamer to come inside on left-handed hitters.”

Belisario:   Gracias por el trabajo que has hecho y por cumplir con la encomienda :-).   Nice meeting you in Chicago!  

Update:  Awesome win Tuesday night coming back from a 5 run deficit!   I love my boys in Blue!


Soon we’ll be together again my beloved OLOCR!

I was remembering the Sting’s song we’ll be together

This weekend I get to go to OLOCR! Our Lady of Chavez Ravine”. That is what some of us endearingly call Dodger Stadium, OLOCR! . I get to see her in her splendor all dressed up in her Sunday’s best! I can’t wait!


I am super excited to go see the WBC finals! That USA is in the final four is icing on the cake! Congratulations to all the teams that are going into the Final 4: Venezuela, Korea, Japan & USA!!!

Can’t wait to chant USA! USA! USA!

See you soon OLOCR!

What should I wear?  What shoud I wear?

 I wonder if flags are allowed for the WBC.   If you’d been to OLOCR, you know that banners & flags are not allowed.

 pic from analogartsensemble.net  I have pics like this but even if I change them to 500, is not working.