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Mr. Miracle, Andre Ethier: The King of Walk-Offs!

Wednesday night September 15 2009 , in the bottom of the 13th inning, Andre Ethier did it again!   He had yet another walk-off homerun!  That is Ethier’s 4th walk-off homerun and 6th walk-off this year!!.    

This is Vin Scully’s call of that walk-off homerun 

” Fastball..  High drive into deep right!  Back goes Jones!  To the wall!  Is gone!”

—Pause by Vinny while you see Ethier round the bases and the players rush to mob him and congratulate him while the crowd is going crazy and in the background you  hear I Love LA  _the victory song for the Dodgers.  

Vin Scully: 

“Andre Ethier who could better be known as Mr. Miracle comes up with a walk-off homerun”  “And the Dodgers hang on and beat the last place Pirates  5-4.  A Little bit a magic…”  

Thank you Mr. Scully!  I never get tired of seeing this at the stadium and coming home to watch the highlights! 

I played it a few times and copied the link that Buz put in his blog http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/    

Watch this bomb!

Here are Andre’s Walk-offs, a total of 9 since last year.   I have seen them all at Dodger Stadium! 

Tuesday September 15, 2009 vs. the Pirates. Bottom of the 13th,  two run walk-off Homerun off Dumatrait on Andre’s 30th homerun. 



Thursday August 6, 2009 vs Atlanta  Botton of the 9th.  3 run walk-off homerun off of Rafael Soriano wtih Pierre & Furcal on base.    


Monday June 29, 2009 vs Colorado. bottom of the 13th walk-off 2 RBI Homerun off of joe Peralta.  Blake on base.    



Thursday June 6, 2009 vs.Philadelphia  Botton of the 12th Walk-off Homerun off Chad Durbin.  



Friday June 5, 2009 vs. Philadelphia.  Botton of the 9th.  Walk-off Two run Double with the bases loaded against Lidge. 



 Saturday  May 2, 2009 vs. San Diego.  Walk-off single with the bases loaded off of Gregerson.   



Sunday August 17, 2008 vs. Milwaukee.  Botton of the 9th walk-off 2 RBI homerun off of Carlos Villanueva.  Kemp on board.



Tuesday August 12, 2008 vs. Philadelphia.  Botton of the 9th, walk-off RBI single off of J.C. Romero.  Martin scores.   



Sunday May 25, 2008 vs. St Louis.  Walk-off RBI single off Mike Parisi.  Pierre scores. 



Wow Andre!  Incredible!   You are the man!   You are our MVP!  

 Go Andre!  Go Dodgers!! 

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